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Health Information for India
Vaccinations and anti-malarial treatment.
You are strongly encouraged to visit your GP or Travel Doctor 4 – 8 weeks prior to departure so you can make an informed decision about available vaccinations and anti-malarial treatment. India is a high risk area for malaria and it is likely to be recommended that you take anti-malarial tablets which you need to commence taking 2 days prior to departure. The following vaccinations are also likely to be recommended for travel to India: Vaccination
Approx Cost
Hepatitis B
3 injections: 1st and 2nd at mthly intervals prior to travel and 3rd 3-6 months later (WHO advises probable life time cover after full series of vaccinations) Hepatitis A
2 injections: 1st prior to travel and 2nd 6-12 months later (WHO advises probable life time cover after full series of avaccinations Poliomyelitis
One-time booster if childhood series complete and haven’t received polio vaccine as an adult Typhoid
Diptheria, tetanus and pertussis (whooping cough)
Pre-existing health conditions and prescription medication
If you have any pre-existing health conditions, including asthma or serious allergies, please let us know. It is recommended that you bring all medication you require with you. If you are bringing prescription medication, you should bring a letter from your doctor specifying the medication you are taking. It can be very dusty in India which could trigger asthmatic symptoms. Even if you only rarely suffer from asthma, it is recommended you bring your inhaler with you, eg. Ventolin/Seretide. A dust mask or scarf to inhale through when you are in the cities, can also help to filter the air. First aid kit medication
To treat diarrhoea and bladder infections Fluid and electrolyte replacement, eg; Gastrolyte* To treat dehydration caused by gastrointestinal For general pain relief and to treat fever • Please note:
It is compulsory for everyone to bring their own supply of antibiotics to treat gastrointestinal illness. Antibiotics taken into India must be prescribed to an individual. * We will visit a shopping area in Indore, where pharmacies may stock some across the counter medications. Other items you may wish to include in your first aid kit:
Dressings, eg: opsite and opsite non-stick wound dressings, for cuts, grazes and blisters Non-adherent dressings and tape for cuts blisters and difficult places, eg: toes Sterile eyewash solution, 10ml single use ampoules If you will be menstruating while in Omkareshwar, supply of washable menstrual pads (fundies have them) or cup is really useful as waste disposal is major problem. The alternative is drying and burning disposables. St Johns Ambulance sells a range of first aid kits. You can view the contents of the kits at: The Travel Doctor also sells travel first aid kits. Optional supplements and items
Cup to hold toothbrush, (store head of toothbrush in water with a few drops of Traveler’s Friend when not in use) Traveler’s Friend Water purifier, or similar Snacks for upset stomach, eg: instant oats, power bars, crackers, miso satchets Special Tea bags – regular tea & coffee available in India Water for drinking
You may like to purchase a small element* in India to further boil the drinking water.


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