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You Shall Not Commit
Exodus 20:14
The Propaganda And
Marketing Of Sex
questionnaire about sex, assertions about sex and problems with sex • Penile enlargement, Cialis, Viagra• Latest – “car wash” II. The Corruption Of Sex
• Sex drive is virtually equal to our will to live• God designed man with sexual desire – • Corruption of sex – online pornography, availability of drugs, remedies for erectile dysfunction, estrogens and testosterone supplements – make it easier to be sexual • Matthew 5:27-33, I Corinthians 6:13-29• An confines of the marital relationship is sin against God III. The World’s View Of Adultery
60% single adults sexually active and more than half have multiple partners • International Herald Tribune – more • University of Washington – infidelity on the • Younger women also cheating on their • Lifetime rate of infidelity for men over 60 • For women over 60 – 5% to 15% (2006) B. Statistics from Singapore• New Paper Oct 31 2008 – more women • Third party, online relationship• Divorce and annulments• 6,388(2004), 7,226(2007) number rising IV. The Bible’s View Of Adultery
A. What does the bible teach on adultery? 1. It transgresses God’s moral law2.
2. Cleaving/Uniting – merging of the couple V. The Cost Of Adultery
A. You bring damage to your spouse1. Broken the bond and joined another• 2. Destroy the self esteem of the innocent 4. Escape clause - marital unfaithfulness 2. Many guilty of adultery even though they • Bad example: David, Amnon, Absalom• Se • Children lose respect for parents who destroy family over illicit and indecent pleasures Church family affected and suffer together Sin is not a private thing – it tarnishes the name of the church and destroys ministry in the community F. You bring damage to the name of Christ 2. The cause of Christ is hindered, name of Stay sexually pure and avoid activity that may fuel passion and lead to adultery VI. The Victory Over Adultery
A. Be honest about sex1. We need to be aware of the allurements 3. Remember, sex promises what it cannot 4. Sexual temptation is not irresistible5. Be aware that there is more to adultery C. Affirm marriage 1. Work at being marrieda. Respect - Responsibility - Relate D. Get the right attitude1. Guard your mind – Matthew 5:28• Behave appropriately and be aware of your actions Conclusion
What can you do to avoid the trap adultery? A. Walk with God – Gal. 5:16, Eph.6:10-17B.
Simple flirtation leads to big time adultery D. Count the costE. Love your mate only – Proverbs 5:15-18


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