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Breema at the Science & Nonduality Conference:
Explore the Role of the Body in Conscious Living and Self-Understanding
Breemaʼs “Art of Being Present” balances body, mind and feelings, nurturing presence in any moment. San Rafael, Calif., September XX, 2010 – The Science & Nonduality Conference in
San Rafael, October 20-24 is a unique opportunity to explore various approaches to the relationship between the self and the universal. International presenters offer four days of conferences, panels, networking opportunities and experiential workshops that explore various aspects of nonduality. According to the conference organizers: “Science and Nonduality is a journey, an exploration of the nature of awareness, the essence of life from which all arises and subsides.” As part of this yearʼs Science & Nonduality Conference, the Breema Center in Oakland, CA, is offering an experiential workshop that guides participants to explore the essential role that the body can play in self-development and conscious living. The leading expert on the Breema system, Jon Schreiber, D.C., will lead the workshop. Dr. Schreiber is the director of the Breema Center and the Breema Clinic in Oakland, CA, both founded in 1980, and the author of numerous books about Breema, including his latest, Freedom Schreiber comments: “There are many ways that a person can enter into this workshop. My main aim is to support the process of self-verification; to guide participants to experience for themselves the invaluable role that the body can play in connecting us to the present moment, which allows us to use the mind, body, and feelings in a new way.” Dr. Schreiberʼs workshop “Breema – the Art of Being Present” is on Wednesday, October 20, 2-6pm. The workshop will feature self-care exercises and Breema bodywork as a way to explore the Nine Principles of Harmony, which are the key to bringing a new relationship with the body into daily life. The cost ranges from $45-$85 and the workshop is open to everyone, whether or not you attend the whole conference. Being comfortable sitting on a padded floor is recommended. Registration is through or call 707-596-0159. For more information about the Breema system see or call 510.428.0937. To receive a one-on-one Breema session, contact the Breema Clinic at or 510.428.1234. The following is an excerpt from Jon Schreiberʼs Freedom Comes From Understanding: “How does Existence support you? By letting you know you belong. In truth, your home is the entire cosmos. Having a human body allows you to experience this. When you become conscious of your own existence, that Consciousness is the beginning of About Breema
What sets Breema apart from other systems of study is its unique view of health and the body. Breema states that “Real health means one thing—harmony with Existence.” It sees the body as being connected to everything in the cosmos and having a higher purpose, that of supporting self-understanding and a more conscious way of living. Breema is a holistic body-based practice that teaches us practical steps we can take to unify the energies of mind, body, and feelings to become present. The philosophy and principles of Breema address the essential nature of life, the deeper meaning of health and how to actualize it, and the means of gaining practical, self-verified knowledge that can lead to an understanding of our unique potential as human beings. At the heart of Breema are the Nine Principles of Harmony, which can support anyone to cultivate more balance between the body, mind, and feelings. Breema bodywork exchanges and self-care exercises—which emphasize being with the body instead of doing to the body—both relax and energize the whole body and are the vehicle for experiencing the The Breema Center
Since 1980, the Breema Center, in Oakland, CA has been helping students actualize Breemaʼs practical approach to self-understanding and purposeful living through classes, workshops, and Intensives. For more information, call 510.428.0937 or visit



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