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Most of our patients have a computer print-out showing their medi-
cation. However, not all patients’ medication can be put onto the
computer. Please tick the medication you require and indicate
whether you would like us to send your prescription to one of the
local chemists—listed with telephone numbers on the back of this
leaflet. Please mark the top of the request with the name of the
chemist. Unless you tell us otherwise on each request, we will leave
your prescription at the reception desk for you to collect
Please give your print-out to the Surgery. You can: Hand it in to the receptionist at the front desk Put it through the letter box when closed Send it in the post and provide a SAE for posting back Your prescription will be ready two working days later (if brought in on a Friday, it will be ready on the following Tuesday). For deliv-ery to a chemist, or by post, please allow an extra day. Common Questions and Answers
What is a pre-prescription payment?
If you are on many prescriptions it may benefit you to ‘buy’ a pre-payment certificate from your chemist for the Q. When should I put in my repeat request?
When you have only one week’s supply of tablets left. If you are going away you can put in your request earlier than usual—just put a note on it to say why you are requesting your prescription early. Q. Why don’t you take repeat prescriptions over the
The surgery has approximately 11,000 patients and we issue a large number of repeat prescriptions each month. If every patient telephoned us, we would not be able to get any other work done and the telephone would be constantly engaged. Once you have used the computer print- out, you will see how easy it is. It could also be dangerous if a receptionist misheard an item of medication Q. I’ve lost my computer print-out. What should I do?
No problem! Either use one of our pre-printed forms available in reception, or write your name, address and date of birth on a piece of paper, with the medication you require. When you collect your prescription there will be a new computer list for you to keep. Q. Will you post my repeat prescription to me?
We can only send your prescription to the local chemists listed overleaf. If you want your prescription sent to an-other pharmacy, please give us a stamped envelope, ad-dressed to that chemist. Q. Some of my medicines have changed names. Why?
Many medicines have ‘trade’ names—e.g. Ventolin and Salbutamol inhalers. Medically there is no difference between the trade and the generic medicine. We try to use more generic medicines because they save the NHS money—money that can be used in other areas of patient Q. I no longer take some of the tablets that are still on the
computer print-out. What should I do?
Only tick the items you require now. The print-out is like a rolling log of medication that you are on or have had in the past and is useful to the doctors. When you need a review of your medication, you can ask your doctor to remove any item from your list and you Q. I do have some questions that are not in this leaflet. What
should I do?
Please telephone reception, or pop in to see us. We are here to Q. Why do I have to see a doctor for reauthorisation?
It is important that your medication be reviewed regularly at a Medication Review Appointment. This is required to check that your medication is still working correctly for you and that you are appropriate dosage and, that you are not experiencing side effects. There may also be better drugs available for your particular condition. This usually takes place every 6 or 12 months depending on the drug prescribed to you. The reauthorisation date is on your repeat prescription under that particular drug. Chemists Who Collect From Surgery
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