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WHO-Approved Drug Promises
Another concern is that use of misoprostol causes birth Life, and Death
misoprostol is used for abortion, the risk of birth defects increases, most commonly causing clubfoot, By authorizing the use of a single drug, the World cranial nerve abnormalities, and absence of the fingers.
Health Organization has simultaneously raised hopes for saving thousands of mothers’ lives and raised fears When used to reduce post-partum hemorrhaging, pro- that the drug will also be used to kill perhaps millions life physician Joe DeCook says misoprostol is a of unborn children. Misoprostol is used to help stop “wonder drug” since it does not have to be refrigerated bleeding during delivery, the main cause of maternal or injected in non-sterile, rural environments. “But it’s deaths, but it can also be used to induce at-home like morphine. It can be used for good or for evil.” abortions, which are very dangerous, particularly in rural areas that lack primary or emergency medical Other physicians are even more skeptical. Maternal Life International (MLI) advised the WHO that approving the drug outside the hospital setting sets a double standard. “Women in resource limited settings use of the drug by unskilled personnel and that are expected to give birth with unskilled or semi- nd Gynuity Health Projects, the organization skilled birth attendants,” MLI’s Dr. George Mulcaire- which sought the drug’s approval, advocate the use of Jones said, “This fact alone leads to higher maternal misoprostol for abortion outside the hospital setting.
and infant mortality rates than those in developed countries” and gives women “the false assurance that WHO says its “work over the past three decades has contributed significantly to the emergence and wide acceptance of the current recommended regime” of A quarter of all medical abortions fail and require medical abortion, according to one of its medical attention in a hospital setting, DeCook said, WHO has trained midwives throughout the developing and after seven weeks, risks to the life of the mother world to perform abortions in order to eliminate the increase dramatically. “They may be able to show a need for physicians, the report says. In Vietnam alone, decrease in the number of maternal mortalities because the trials included 1,734 women, and its misoprostol- they will decrease the number of deliveries by induced abortions are conduced up to 63 days, WHO abortion,” DeCook said, “but they will have no idea how many women will die in their wake.” Gynuity is working to mainstream the use of misoprostol for self-induced abortions. According to a Do you know someone who might
he organization works at the community level to cast self-induced abortion in a be considering abortion?
positive light, and to “oppose legislation introduced at Make sure they get the facts first!
the state or federal level that furthers the concept of fetal personhood.” A LIFE depends on it…
1-800-395-HELP (4357)
The WHO’s decision is similar to Federal Drug Administration approval in the U.S., ensuring that the drug is legitimized for use without a doctor and that it will be stocked in pharmacies all over the world. Celebrity Stem Cell Surgery
The researchers note that the adult stem cell treatment improves skin and lung function in these patients for Texas Governor Rick Perry Uses Own
up to 2 years (the length of the current study) and is Adult Stem Cells for Back Surgery
preferable to the current standard of care.
The new report is accompanied by a commentary by In early July Texas Governor Rick Perry had surgery Farge and Gluckman that says the Burt et al. study to treat a recurring injury of spinal fusion and nerve provides “the best data to date for transplantation in decompression. The procedure involved the use of scleroderma,” and “despite the small number of patients and short follow-up of ASSIST, the findings of this trial are important for patients with systemic Perry underwent an experimental injection of his own sclerosis, the medical community, and policy makers.” stem cells in a treatment that is not yet approved by the FDA because of its Adult stem cells are
improving health and
use of adult stem cells to treat patients saving lives for
thousands of people
every year.”
- David Prentice
Adult stem cells are helping patients now. David Prentice of family Research Council stated: “it is encouraging that Gov. Perry would make public helping-patients-with-scleroderma-skin-disease/ his treatment with his own stem cells. Adult stem cells are improving health and saving lives for thousands of people every year.” Around the Office
Adult Stem Cells Helping Patients Last Hurrah of Summer – With schools starting in
mid-August, our youthful volunteers, recently returned With Scleroderma Skin Disease
from the annual “Survivors Boot Camp” thered for the August mall table on a Friday afternoon in early August. It was a very Dr. Richard Burt and colleagues at Northwestern busy afternoon; lots of people stopped by the table and University have just published a new study in The talked and picked up literature, bumper stickers, Lancet that provides more evidence for the success of buttons, bookmarks and the ever-popular precious adult stem cell transplant in treating system sclerosis preborns and precious feet pins. We arrived with an overly full suitcase of materials as well as a carry all bag, and left with a suitcase that had a good deal of The autoimmune disease causes rigidity in the skin and organs, including lungs, of its victims; it exerts its fatal influence by essentially turning them to stone.
Napa County Fair -The following Thursday we
Ten patients were treated with their own adult stem received a frantic call from our “Napa County cells, and all improved at or before 12 months after Outpost.” They were setting up an information table treatment, compared with zero of the nine patients that for Life at the Napa County fair and only had two received cyclophosphamide, a chemotherapeutic agent bumper stickers. Fortunately we had a nice supply, and considered the “standard of care” for this disease. were able to bring them almost 250 various bumper None of the adult stem cell-treated patients had their stickers to “spread the word” at the Napa County Fair disease worsen, while 8 of the 9 chemo-treated patients showed worsening, and eventually 7 of the chemo patients switched to the adult stem cell treatment.
These two events totally depleted our supply of several items, including 2” buttons and bumper stickers. Fortunately one of our suppliers was having a sale, and Support CA Right to Life
we ordered $500 of supplies to replenish, as well as more awareness bracelets, and other much needed Educational Fund through
supplies. Because of the sale, we were able to get over workplace campaigns!
$1,100 worth of materials for our $500 expenditure. A special thank you to all our recent donors…. your Along with September bringing the start of the school ongoing support makes it possible for us to have a year, we also turn our thoughts to the annual payroll cupboard full of materials for emergencies like the deduction charity giving campaigns. Please consider designating California Right to Life Educational Fund as one of your charities for 2012. We rely solely on Also a super-special thank you to our youth for their private individuals donations for our ongoing support. awesome efforts at the information tables for life. Payroll donations make up over 25% of our income Several of them will be going off to college out of the and provide the much needed steady flow of funding area and will be missed, however we know they will be “Evangelizing for Life” wherever their paths may lead.
If you or a friend or family member are in the U.S. 40 Days for Life
Military, a federal civilian employee, or employed by the postal service, please consider contributing to September 28 – November 6, 2011
California Right to Life Educational Fund through the Combined Federal Campaign. As you are aware, 40 Days for Life is a POWERFUL way to save lives in your community. Over just the last Our CFC number is 49743
four years, your prayers and participation have contributed to amazing results around the world: Corporate employees may donate through the United Way campaign; if we are not specifically listed in * 400,000 participants have joined in prayer and your brochure, ask your on-site campaign coordinator fasting, peaceful vigil, and grassroots outreach for more information on how to write California Right to Life Educational Fund in as a donor designated * 1,332 individual campaigns have taken place in 387 cities across all 50 American states and 10 countries Please share this information with coworkers, family, * Reports document 4,313 lives spared from abortion - and friends who share the vision to educate, counsel, and those are just the ones we know about and protect all innocent human life from fertilization to * 53 abortion workers have quit their jobs and walked away from the abortion industry Contact our office 925-944-5351 if you would like materials for your company campaign or a speaker for * 14 abortion facilities have completely shut down your events. We are also available by e-mail at: following local 40 Days for Life campaigns The Fall 40 Days for Life campaign September 28-November 6 will be the biggest ever! Over 296 locations will take part in the next 40 Days for Life Campaign. There are 46 first-time campaigns – including locations in Puerto Rico, Argentina and Germany.
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This is the newsletter of California Right to Life Education
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Dunn, is looking for additional site coordinators. Please call 530-674-5068 or email Royce at California Right to Life Committee, Inc. is a501-c-4
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Youth Conference November 11-13, 2011, in Los
for a subscription to the CRLC legislative email updates list Angeles. Speakers include Father Pavone, Pastor and can be sent to 1920 Monument Blvd #309, Concord, CA Walter Hoye, and Lila Rose! See their website for all the details. Both are affiliates of American Life League, headed by Judie Saturday - January 21, 2012 – 8th Annual Walk for
Brown, and share the same “no-exceptions, no excuses” beliefs and the same dedication to promoting the Culture of Life. Mark your calendars now (if you haven’t already)
Life, respecting all innocent human life from the single-cell for the largest gathering of Pro-Lifers on the West Remember
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