: Ch.S.D.St.Theresa’s Autonomous College for Women, Eluru. Head of the Institution The Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) of the IQAC Year of Report – 2011-2012
The plan of action chalked out by the IQAC in the beginning of the year towards quality enhancement and the outcome achieved by the end of the year.  To launch Vermi-Composting Unit and Green House on Campus.  To offer more need based Certificate courses.  To modernize the Gym.  To make students more computer savvy and proficient in the use of  To make optimum use of resources on campus – laboratories, library,  To make Students Quality Teams a vital part of collegiate activities, by actively initiating student-centric activities.  To conduct a number of competitions, seminars, meaningful celebrations of significant days, in order to build creative abilities of students and promote knowledge explosion on campus.  To launch more campus recruitment drives in order to ensure job  To ensure innovation and creativity by making all assignments of I, II and III years students need based, skill based and innovative.  To launch the student parliament in order to spread quality culture, grievance redressal, smart management of events and affairs, and maintenance of discipline on campus.  To launch a number of knowledge extension programme which are based on local, global and national events, latest knowledge capsules and women orientation.  To encourage research culture by enabling students and faculty to take up research-based assignments, project study and minor/major research projects funded by different agencies.  To make optimum use of ICT enabled and Multi Media facilities  To increase collaborative efforts of departments to local and National
Achievements at the end of the year:

 This academic year a number of Certificate courses were provided Yoga, Food Processing, Communication Skills, Karate, Beautician Course, Classical dance, First aid, for I Years. Fashion designing, Photoshoppe, Clinical lab Technology, Human Resource Management, Embroidery for II Year students.  Optimum use of labs, facilities, Computer centres, Media centers, English Language Lab, Cyber Café, Instrumentation Centre has been made possible as all assignments, project works and research activities, class room activities have been accomplished using these facilities.  A number of add-on courses and subject electives were launched for the benefit of the learners providing them with ample scope to be furnished with information regarding job orientation and skill orientation.  Student Quality Circles and Student Parliament made effective in  Research, publication and related activities have been focused on this PART – B

1. Activities reflecting the goals and objectives of the Institution:

This academic year the thrust was laid on a) Capacity building of students through a number of activities aimed at equipping students with knowledge, confidence and exposure to the latest technology and information. b) Capacity building of faculty through a number of training programmes and activities that encouraged staff to update skills and upgrade research, consultancy and extension services oriented activities. A large number of staff and students attended seminars/workshops and training camps all through the year. Many staff were resource persons at local, State and National level programmes and seminars.  A one week Crash/bridge course on Communicative English was organized by the English Department in which a number of innovative measures were adopted to enhance language competencies in students.  A two day National Seminar on “Environment, Health and Safety Management” was conducted from 22nd – 23rd July 2011 to discuss the methodologies to control environmental pollution.  18 teaching faculty presented papers at National level academic meets  8 staff members published articles in International Journals and 20 in National ones. The Physics and English department produced manuals and work books for the students.  While four minor projects are being carried out 5 more have been sanctioned to staff members. One major research project is being undertaken by a faculty member.  11 workshops/Seminars/Leadership camps were organized to enable staff and students to develop skills of management, competency building and research oriented skills.  Upto 30 guest lectures have been organized by departments bringing to the students the richness and variety of aspects of different subjects equipping them to face local, national and international challenges.  25 students presented papers at State level and National level seminars  Overall championship bagged by St.Theresa’s at the State level Cultural Youth Festival held at Hyderabad, 7th February, 2012.  Around 20 Knowledge Extension Programmes were organized to enable students to garner inter-disciplinary knowledge on latest topics.  8 subject electives and add-on courses were introduced this academic  Students bagged Overall Championship at Andhra University Inter Collegiate Games Meet held from 4th -6th January 2012 at St.Theresa’s College.  Special camps conducted by 5 NSS Units at Duggirala, Koppaka, Chenchula Colony, Ankannagudem and Showripuram with 250 volunteers.
2. New Academic Programmes Initiated (UG & PG):

The Institution offers 8 subject electives and Add-on courses and 11 certificate courses this academic year in addition to the existing courses.
Certificate Courses
Department – course is being offered

Subject Electives


Applications in Differential Equation

3. Information in Curricular Design and Transaction:

 Department of English – Introduction of Formal letters, writing skills, Functional English at Degree I Year level, Function at English II at II Year level. Introduction of Reading, Role play, Group Discussions, at Oral Testing level. English Department has introduced Women orientation by incorporating novels and topics by women into syllabus. o Anita Nair’s – Ladies Coupe, for III year Advanced English. o Making the General English curriculum more geared towards Global skills and Communicative English by introducing Film Review, Book review and story review as part of Advanced English Assignment. o English practicals are geared more towards instilling oral, aural o The department offers Certificate courses in Spoken English and English for competitive examinations.  Telugu Department offers Telugu Sahitipatavam for III Year students as subject Elective. A Certificate course ‘Pravesika Moukik – Sanskrit’ for II years.  Introduction of Women Oriented poems and socially oriented stories and drama “Paleru by Boi Bhimana”, “Vantillu” by Vimala. Introduced game cards on National movement, social reformers, Romantic poetry.  The Home Science Department introduced C.A.A.D., Computer  The Commerce department has introduced 4 subject electives – Office Management, Export Management, Human Resource Management and Marketing Management.  The Zoology Department has introduced – Communicable diseases and Vaginal diseases in practical IV Unit to make the curriculum more women oriented. o Sericulture, Vermi composting, Aquaculture. o Environmental protection and Pollution Management. The Department also offers a Certificate course on Clinical Technology and on Add on course on Poultry Science.  Botany Department offers Agricultural Biotechnology as Subject elective for this academic year for III Year Science students. o Horticulture and Seed Technology have been introduced as part o Biodiversity and Ecology in Botany III Papers. The Botany Department introduced topics of current relevance in the curriculum. o Use of genetically modified food and impact on Health. o Disaster Management o Biodiversity o Nano technology o Environmental Pollution Issues. o Grafting Techniques – as part of job orientation. o Azolla cultivation to promote it as a Biofertilizer – job o As part of inculcating values they also set up a Drip Irrigation Unit on the campus and participated in Tree plantation programme.  The Applied Sciences department:  Biochemistry: Introduction of Certificate course on Food processing o Subject Elective – Applied Biochemistry. The department effects curricular modifications by introducing – o Women’s orientation in Small Scale Industries. o Immobilization of enzymes used in Food processing industry. o Applications of enzymology in industry. o Immunology practicals. o Neutraceuticals – Food Quality and safety. o Consumer protection, Bakery and confectionery. o Food safety and Quality control.  Biotechnology: Biophysical Techniques, Genetic Enginnering.  Microbiology: Diary Technology, Bacteriology, Post-Harvest  Mathematics Department introduced 2 Certificate courses this year. Basic Mathematics and Analytical Reasoning.  Computer Science Department has offered a Certificate Course “Adobe Photoshoppe” and a Subject Elective – “Web Technologies”.  The Physics and Electronics Department has offered an Add-on course – “Basic Communication – Radio” for III years.
4. Interdisciplinary Programmes:

IGNOU courses being offered are interdisciplinary in nature. Certificate courses are offered to students across disciplines catering to
learners inclination and taste.
5. Examination Reforms:

1. Totally digitalized Examination system. 2. Time table, dates of examination, communication to parents through 3. Grievance redressal made more functional to redress students complaints about evaluation methods with Grievance redressal boxes installed at the Cell. 4. Students opinions sought while scheduling exam time tables. 5. Booklets provided for students at Semester End Examinations to ensure comfort of students and prevent malpractice. 6. On Line examination and results. 7. Modification of Evaluation system for Science courses to bring 8. Total installation of ENTAB software. 9. Introduction of Add on Courses and Subject electives increased. 10. Provision of scribes and separate room near the chamber of Controller of Examinations for visually challenged students. 11. Provision of 11 Certificate courses. 6. Candidates qualified for NET/SLET/GATE.:
7. Initiative towards Faculty Development Programmes:

 K Srilatha, Department of Physics was awarded Ph.D. in Physics by Acharya Nagarjuna University, October 2011.  Sanjay Kumar, Dept. of Sanskrit was awarded Ph.D. in Sanskrit by  R.Indira was awarded Ph.D. in Zoology by Acharya Nagarjuna  Mrs.S.K.L.Suneetha awarded M.Phil from Nagarjuna University in
Paper Presentations:
 18 staff presented papers at National Seminars.  4 staff at International Seminars/conferences.
 Dr.I.Annapurna, Dr.Jyothirmayee, Mrs.R.Indira, Mrs.S.Hima Bindu, Mr.Anil Kumar published articles in International Journals.  Dr.G.Gowri Devi and Dr.D.K.Durga compiled lab manuals for III Year students “Digital and Micro Processor Lab work book”.  The Department of English produced material on (Laboratory works) English practicals, Functional English and English Grammar under the new English curriculum.
Seminars conducted / Organised:
 The MBA Department organized a workshop on Communication Skills (12 – 15 July) Resource person – Mr.Samuel John.  Zoology Department organized a one day workshop on Vocational opportunities for rural women in the use of by products of Seri-culture July 14th 2011.  A 2 day National Seminar sponsored by UGC on 22 – 23 July was held on “Environment Health and Safety Management” by Chemistry Department.  Department of Physics – 2 day Orientation and Hands on Workshop for local Intermediate College lecturers – 29 – 30 July 2011.  Department of Arts – organized Leadership Training Camp for  Chemistry Department organized a State level Workshop on “the Role of Calcium and importance of Cholesterol in Human Body” on 7th September, 2011.  A seminar on “Quality in Higher Education” on 28th October, 2011 was organized by Xavier Board of Higher Education by Fr.Samuel Savio.  A Workshop was conducted by Department of Chemistry on preparation of Home needs and Detergents – 4th November 2011.  A workshop on “Pre Marital and Post marital problems” on November 9th, 2011 organized by Department of Arts.  An Orientation programme on Anna Hazare and his mission on Anti corruption rally organized by the P.G. Department.  Department of Chemistry conducted State level competitions “Focus” on November 28th, 2011 as part of the International year of Chemistry celebrations.  Department of English celebrated the 150th Centenary celebrations of Rabindranath Tagore by the conduct of Literary, creative and art competitions – Hasya, laya, sarjana and kala.  Department of Physics in collaboration with NEDCAP, Eluru organized the “Conservation of Energy Week” from 14th–20th December, 2011 which included activities like competitions, rally, essay writing, exhibitions of solar home appliances.  MBA Department conducted an annual event INNOMAN and Knowledge Plaza, to tap the potential of young graduates of the MBA stream. This programme was organized on February 3rd, 2012 and included events like Cognition Expo, Market Myopia, Young Manager, Brain Hunt and Rock the Floor.  ICON 2011 organised by PG & UG Computer Science Departments to train Computer Science students was held on 13th December 2011. 80 students from various colleges participated.  National Nutrition Week celebrations (September 2011) were conducted by the Nutrition Department with guest lectures, seminars, exhibitions and programmes on healthy diets and healthy life styles.  Zoology Department organized Animal Husbandry Society fortnight celebrations for the benefit of the Undergraduates.
9. Research Projects:

Dr.Mrs.K.V.Padmavathi, Home Science Dr.Mrs.K.Rani, Home Science Dr.Mrs.P.Jyothi Kumari, Nutrition & Dietetics.  On going Major Research Project:
UGC Major Research Project – Dr.A.U.Durga Devi, Lecturer in Commerce.  On going Minor Research Projects for 2011-2012:
Dr.R.Madhavi, English Mrs.D.Brahmeswari, History Dr.Mrs.R.Indira, Zoology Mrs.Ume Salma, Hindi Dr.Mrs.K.Sreelatha, Physics.
10. Patent generated if any? : Nil
11. New collaborative Research Programmes:

 St.Theresa’s collaborates with Xavier Board of Higher Education to conduct Seminars/Workshops on Quality Education, Teacher Quality and Innovation.  The English department is collaborating with Kakinada PG Centre for  Dr.R.Indira of Zoology Department was sanctioned second Minor Research Project from UGC in collaboration with PVC labs, Vijayawada.  Mrs.K.S.V.K.S.Madhavi Rani of Zoology Department was a team member of a project undertaken in collaboration with Marine Biological Laboratories, Andhra University.  5 faculty members have been sanctioned new Research programmes  The Department of Computer Science conducts Research programmes in collaboration with “Spark Images”.  The Applied Sciences Departments with the organization of Care India, I.C.D.S., Women and Child Welfare Department and D.O.P.R. Departments. Department of Biochemistry collaborates with St.Ann’s Hospital, Warangal, City Health Centre, Eluru, Asha Hospital, Vijayawada.  The Botany Department collaborates with the Ayurvedic Industry of West Godavari District to conduct research oriented project study. It also collaborate with o Social Forestry department to take up Tree Plantation o Ayush Department to conduct Health promotion in Crops and  Department of Biotechnology collaborates with Directorate of Oil Palm Research Centre, Pedavegi, Laila Impex, Vijayawada.  Department of UG Microbiology collaborates with o St.Ann’s Hospital, Warangal. o MEPMA, IKP. o Community Food and Nutrition Extension Unit. o Food & Nutrition Board, Ministry of Women & Child o Koneru Lakshmaiah College of Engineering, Vijayawada for
12. Research grants received from various agencies:
The grants received for Minor Research Projects are as follows:  Impact of Village Goddess cult on socio economic life of West  Study of Jayashankar Prasad’s Short stories - Rs.1 lakh  Study of Pancharamas of A.P. – Rs.1.5 lakhs.  Effect of Herbal Immunizer and Disease resistance of ….
13. Details of Research scholars:

 1 Scholar is pursuing Ph.D. as Dr.R.Madhavi as Research Guide – “Marsha Norman’s Plays – Feministic Perspectives”, Dravidian University, Kuppam.  2 Scholars are pursuing Ph.D. programme under Organic Research Centre of St.Theresa’s College, under Dr.Jameelunisa Begum.
Citation index of faculty members and impact factor:


 Dr.I.Annapurna published “Ethical Values in Business and Industry” in International Journal for Banking, Information Technology and Management. Vol.9, No.1 o Research Development Research Foundation, Jaipur, India, o Dr.I.Annapurna published “Accounting for Carbon credits and Trading” in International Journal for Banking Information Technology and Management, January 2012.  Mrs.D.Madhumalathi published “Gender Statistics” in Ministry of Statistics, Government of India, Field Officers Division publication.  Dr.Ch.A.Jyothirmayee has 2 publications in International Journals. o “Spectrophotometric determination of cabergoline in tablet dosage form” in Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Biological Sciences, Vol.II, Issue I, Jan – March 2012. o “Spectrophotometric analytical study for the charge Transfer complex formation of cefepine” in International Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.  Dr.R.Indira published a paper “A study on An chylostomiasis prevalent among three rural settings in Eluru” in Bioscan Research Journal of Zoology.  Mrs.S.Hima Bindu, Dept. of Mathematics published two articles in International Journals ‘ Hindawi, Nov. 2nd 2011 and Research Journal of Pure Algebra , December 2011. o “Common coupled fixed point theorems in generalized fizzy o “Unique common coupled fixed point theorem under phi=psi contractive condition in G-metric spaces”.  Mr.D.Anil Kumar published two articles in “A New Application of Data Mining” and “Network and Wireless Network Security” in International Journal of Computer Science and Technology, Vol.2 SPL1, Dec., 2011.
15. Honours and Awards to the Faculty:

 The National and International Compendium (NIC), New Delhi, presented “the Eminent Educationist Award” to Dr.Sr.Mercy P, Principal on 30th December, 2011.  Dr.R.Indira won “Young Scientist Award” at a National Seminar on Advances in Hygiene Sciences, Biodiversity and Aquatic Toxicology – 18, 19th December, 2011, Acharya Nagarjuna University.  Dr.R.Indira also won II Prize in Poster Presentation on “Immunological Response in Labes Rohita treated with Immunex D’s and H – Treat during Aeromoniasis”.  Charu Castle Foundation presented an Appreciation Certificate to the College for developing Art Creativity among students.  Dr.I.Annapurna, lecturer in P.G. Economics received Best Paper Award for paper on Accounting for Carbon Credits, 11th International Conference on Frontier Global issues and challenges, by RDA, Jaipur, January, 2012.  Mrs.Lakshmi Harini, Lecturer in Economics received 2 Gold medals for her Master’s Degree from Andhra University.  Mrs.S.K.L.Suneetha, Lecturer in Telugu was awarded gold medal for M.Phil thesis from Acharya Nagarjuna University in March 2011.
16. Internal Resources Generated:

Total resources generated from College fee UG, PG MBA, MCA, and IGNOU course - Rs.1,91,40,335/-.

17. Details of Departments getting SAP/COSSIP/ASSIST/FIST/DST etc.

18. Community Services:

 Child labour eradication programmes have been taken up by 5 NSS  100 child labourers encouraged to pursue education by being supplied books, material, uniforms and counseling. These child labourers are inmates of the NCLP Schools of Aasakiranam and are encouraged to pursue their education.  NSS Special camps conducted in backward and rural villages to eradicate child labour, to develop national integration and healthy environment.  Tree plantation programme – 11th July where 2500 fruit trees were  Blood donation by 75 NSS volunteers at a camp on 30th August.  Communal Harmony Week celebrated in November (19-25th) to encourage national integration, harmony and peace.  Botany Department conducted AIDS awareness programmes, Herbal Therapy classes and Significance of Leafy vegetable diet to rural women of surrounding villages in Sanivarapupet and Gavaravaram.  Applied Sciences department extend their services to local Women self help groups orienting them about nutrition, health, hygiene and infectious diseases. They also orient young mother of West Godavari District on infant and child feeding practices.  The P.G. Economics and U.G. English department students extended their services to the disadvantaged children of Aasakiranam by taking remedial classes for weak students in English and basic Mathematics.  The U.G. Chemistry department conducts regular training classes on preparation of economical Home products – phenyls, soaps, surfs to DWACRA women and self-help groups of lower incomes. Health camps are conducted at Chenchula colony, Yanadigudem to orient the dwellers on sanitation, hygiene.  UG Physics and Electronics Department have rendered their services to neighbouring localities in maintenance and repairs of home appliances through their “Workshop”.  The PG Department of Physics orient school children and local people about hazards in mishandling electrical equipment.
19. Teachers and Officers newly recruited:

Name of the Lecturer

20. Teaching and Non teaching Staff Ratio:

21. Improvements in the Library Services:

 Use of INFLIBNET made more convenient to learners of different faculties. Consultation and advice about the usage provided by Library staff.  Library made more user friendly with racks and books arranged  Security coverage of CCTV’s in UG and PG Library.  Multimedia facilities offered to learners, with access to Internet  Book bank services provided for disadvantaged learners.  Upgradation of Library with the latest reference books, journals, magazines, periodicals, newsletters etc.  Upgradation of e-resources, e-journals, CAL packages.
22. New Journals/Books subscribed and their cost: - 2011-2012

Grand Total 7,31,047-00
23. Courses in which assessment of teachers is introduced and the action
taken on student feedback:

Assessment of Faculty members of all courses is conducted every year by students. This assessment is reviewed by Heads of Departments and
Principal of the Institution.
24. Unit cost of Education :
Without Salary component : Rs. 9,210/-

25. Computerization of administration and the process of admission and
exam results/issue of certificates:

The administrative and examination cells are totally automated with ENTAB software. Thus admissions, attendance of students, scholarships,
fee registration, issue of marks sheets, certificates are totally on-line. Feed
back mechanism has been made totally digitalized and on-line.
26. Increase in infrastructural facilities:

 Modernization of guest rooms for visitors.  Upgradation of Mana TV rooms with multimedia kits, CD’s, DVD’s,  Upgradation of Library with latest journals, reference books,  Modernization of hostel facilities.  Aesthetically designed open-air learning quadrangles to facilitate  All laboratories upgraded with additional equipment.  Student centre established with amenities.  A large display monitor at the visitor’s lounge arranged to enable infiltration of information about all the day-to-day events of the college.  C.C. camera’s installed at strategic for further close monitoring of students’ progress and security purposes.
27. Technological Upgradation:

 Establishment of computer lab in the P.G. Centre with latest software  All Computer labs upgraded and provided with latest features and  Instrumentation Centre upgraded with suitable equipment and
28. Computer and internet access and training to teachers and students:

In house training is provided to all staff and students in the use of computers and internet every year by subject experts from MCA & Computer Science department. Non teaching staff too availed of this training this year. 29. Financial aid to students:
The College provides for 41 awards and scholarship for meritorious and deserving students. Other than this College provides financial aid declared by the Government for SC/ST/OBC categories. Financially disadvantaged and physically disadvantaged students are given fee concessions or fee-waivers according to the discretion of the Management. Endowment awards, medals, prizes, cash awards are provided for eligible students. 30. Support from Alumnae Association and its activities:
 The Alumnae Association lends its support to the College in providing crucial feedback about the opportunities available in various sectors. This year too the Alumnae Meet held in December 2011, enabled Alumnae to give vital feedback about areas to be strengthened on campus.  Alumnae support meritorious and deserving students by instituting medals, prizes and cash awards to support their academic activities. 31. Activities ands support from the P.T.A.:
 The PTA meet was held on November this academic year. An interactive session encouraged parents to give their feedback about various activities of the College. Their advice enabled steps to be taken to ensure greater perfection in provision of services to students.  Suggestions were made to excuse students who come late to College  It was also suggested that faculty are watchful when students browse  A suggestion from some parents was made to curtail use of cell phones, but allow cell phones use by students in case of emergency.  It was also suggested by the parents that the uniform in use should be modified as the overcoat was cumbersome. 32. Health Services:
 A health camp was conducted by Dr.B.Nirmala Devi and her team to check students for common ailments like anaemia, general weakness, dental problems etc.  The Nutrition department organized a seminar on need for Balanced  A seminar was conducted by the Nutrition & Dietetics by Dr.Indira and Dr.Vandana, eminent gynecologists and physicians on the topics -Oestoarthritis .  Guest lecture by Dr.Nirmala was organized on Gynecological  The College Gym promotes health in individuals by providing  The Sports & Games Centre accords mental and physical well being of students and staff by the indoor and outdoor facilities.  The Health Care Centre takes care of the common day to day ailments of students by providing first aid, medicines and necessary space for rest and recuperation. 33. Performance in Sports Activities:
 St.Theresa’s College Team lifts the Overall Championship at the Andhra University Inter Collegiate Meet (4-6th Jan. 2012) with Winners place in Ball Badminton, Basket ball and Hand ball.  Runners in Volley Ball.  Third place in Kabaddi, kho-kho, Badminton, T.T. and Chess.  At the Andhra University Inter Collegiate Athletic Meet held at Visakhapatnam. 4 students bagged gold medals in High Jump, Broad Jump, 10,000 mts. Run, Heptathlon. 3 Silver medals for Heptathlon, Javelin, Discuss and shot put. From UG and PG campus – Participation at State level competitions:
1. Kho-Kho Senior State meet held at Srikakulam from 27-29 Apr. 2011
S. Swapna –III HEP TM, N. Dhanalakshmi- I HEP TM S. Ramya Krishna - I HEP TM 2. Basket Ball Junior State meet held at Hyderabad from 12-15 May 2011. J. Venkatalakshmi- III BCom, K. Mounica - III MEComp 3. Basket Ball Women State meet held at Kakinada from 18-19th Nov. 2011 J. Venkatalakshmi - III BComp,E. Kavitha Rani- I HEP TM P. Sailakshmi - I HEP TM, K. Leela Rani -I HEP EM 4. Basket Ball Senior State meet held at Hyderabad from 23-26th Nov, 2011 E. Kavitha Rani- I HEP TM, P. Sailakshmi - I HEP TM 5. Volley Ball Women State Meet at Hyderabad from 18-19th Nov, 2011 K. Syamala – II BCom, K. Mounica – II MPComp, K. Kavitha - II BCom, V.D. Prasanna – III BZC P. Chaitanya - II MPC 6. PYKKA Handball Women State meet held at Warangal from 3-4th December, 2011 and the team was the winners in A.P state. K. Syamala – II BCom, K. Mounica – II MPComp 7. Ball Badminton Women State Meet at Duvvada, from 26-29th Nov, 2011 G. Aruna –III MPC, S.R.M.N.S.Leela Devi - II MSComp 8. Table Tennis Women State Meet at Warangal from 23-26th Nov, 2011 9. PYKKA Kho-Kho Women State meet held at Hyderabad from 19-20th November, 2011 S. Swapna - III HEP TM, K. Durgamma - II HEP TM, N. Dhana Lakshmi - I HEP TM, S. Ramya Krishna - I HEP TM 10. Senior Badminton State Meet at Varanagal from 23-26th Nov. 2011 11. Kabaddi Senior State Meet at Rajahmundry from 10-13th Nov, 2011 B. Rajeswari - II MPC, M. Posasri - II EPSW 12. State level Invitation Kabaddi Meet held at Chintalapudi from 1-4th October, 2011 and the team was Runners up. B. Rajeswari - II MPC, M. Posasri - II EPSW, N. Jyothi- I MPC J. Prasanna – II HEP TM, B. S. Supriya – II HEP TM 13. State level Invitation Kabaddi meet held at Mopidevi, Krishna District from 27-29th May, 2011 and the team won Second position in the State. B. Rajeswari - II MPC, J. Prasanna – II HEP TM 14. State level Invitation Kabaddi Tournament held at Guntur District from 13-15th January, 2011 and the team won Second position in the State. B. Rajeswari - II MPC, N. Dhana Lakshmi- I HEP TM K. Suvarna Jyothi – I MBN, 15. PYKKA State level Kabaddi Tournament for women held at Hyderabad from 19-20th Nov, 2011. B. Rajeswari - II MPC, M. Posasri - II EPSW, J. Prasanna – II HEP TM 16. State level Invitation Kabaddi Tournament held at Visakhapatnam from 24-26th Jan, 2012 B. Rajeswari - II MPC, S. Swapna - III HEP TM , E. Sowjanya –III HEP TM, K. Leela Rani – I HEP EM K. Suvarna Jyothi – I MBN, N. Dhana Lakshmi – III HEP TM N. Surya Mani – II HEP TM Represented Andhra University in South West Zone Inter-University Basket Ball Tournament held at Kerala from 5-9th Sep, 2011. J. Venkatalakshmi - III BComp,K. Syamala - II BCOm 18. Represented Andhra University in South West Zone Inter-University Kabaddi Tournament held at Madras University, Tamil Nadu from 4-27th Sep, 2011. 19. Represented Andhra University in South West Zone Inter-University Kho-Kho Tournament held at Pondicherry University, Pondicherry from 27-30th Sep, 2011 20. Represented Andhra University in South West Zone Inter-University Volley Ball Tournament held at Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Kerala from 4-7th September, 2011 21.Represented Andhra University in South West Zone Inter-University Hand Ball Tournament held at Kakatiya University, Warangal, A.P from 13-17th Jan, 2012 K. Syamala – II BCom, K. Mounica – II MPComp S. Swapna –III HEP TM, E. Kavitha Rani- I HEP TM 22. Kabaddi Senior National meet held at Hyderabad from 14-17th Dec, 2011 where the team secured Bronze Medal and B. Rajeswari - II MPC is selected for All India Kabaddi Tournament held at Mumbai 23. All India Table-Tennis Ranking Tournament held at Thane. 24. Our College Sports Team Participated in the Andhra University Inter Collegiate Athletic meet held at Dr.L.B. College Visakhapatnam from 24-26th Nov, 2011 and bagged the following medals  J. Venkatalakshmi III BCOM – Gold Medal in High Jump
 K. Shyamala II BCOM - Gold Medal in Broad Jump.
 V. Pavani II BA THP - Gold Medal in 10,000 Mts Run and
 K. Durgamma II BA HEP TM - Gold Medal in Heptathlon.
 K. Mounica II BSc MPComp – Silver Medal in Discus
 N. Dhanalakshmi I BA HEP TM – Silver Medal in  K. Subbalakshmi I BSc BZC - Silver Medal in Shot Put.  S. Subadra I BCom – Bronze Medal in 800 Mts Run.  B.S.Supriya II BA HEP TM - Bronze Medal in 5 Km Walk.  Our Relay Team- J. Venkatalakshmi, K. Shyamala, J. Prasanna and S. Subadra won Silver Medal in 4x400 Mts Relay.
34. Incentives to outstanding sports persons:

 The Games and Sports department collaborated with National Egg Coordination Committee (NECC) in order to provide healthy diet to the sports women.  The sports women were provided nutritious diet, extra coaching classes, fee waivers, hostel accommodation and flexible time schedule to take the I, II Periodicals and Semester End Examinations. 35. Students Achievements and Awards:
St.Theresa’s students participated actively in many competitions conducted in different colleges and organizations. Competition
Conducted by
 97 cash awards were won by students in academics, co-curricular and NSS activities:
 At De Paul College our students won 8 I Prizes in Elocution, Essay, Rangoli, Solo Dance, Solo song, Group Dance and Group singing at the Zonal level Andhra University NSS Meet held in January 2012.  At the District level Andhra University NSS Meet the students won I Prizes in Essaywriting and Solo singing and Group song.  At the University level the NSS students won I Prize in Solo song and  The National Child Labour Schools of Aasakiranam were adopted by the NSS Units and about 100 child labourers were encouraged to pursue education through provision of books and stationery and uniform.  Special camps involving 250 volunteers with the theme “Youth for Rural Development” were conducted. Eradication of Child Labour, Healthy and Sustainable Environment, National Integration were in focus.  Tree plantation programme – July 11th ,Mega Blood Donation Camp 30th August, Communal Harmony Week 19-25 November were the other events of significance. 36. Activities of the Guidance and Counselling Cell:
The cell continues to offer its service for the emotional well being of the students. Personality Development Camps for students were organized for the fostering of values, civic responsibility and duty consciousness among students.  An awareness programme “Trafficking of women and children” was provided by UJALA a NGO Team on November 2011.  A Leadership Training Camp was organized by Forum of Free Enterprise, Mumbai – 26-27 August 2011.  A Personality Development camp was conducted for all III Year  An annual Carlo Memorial lecture was delivered on Values by Rev.Fr.Samuel Savio, Chennai in October 2011. 37. Placement services provided to students:
The Career Guidance and Placement Cell conducted several training sessions and programmes to train students to emerge successfully in job placement drives. They also attended a number of recruitment drives and obtained job placements in various Companies.  Enabling sufficient guidance to aspirants to register for job placements and provide training sessions for them.  Training in “Soft skills and Spoken English” was provided by  Mr.Allen provided 2 week training to all students on “How to Face  Mr.Noor Shakir provided 2 week training programme in Career  “Soft Skill India Net” provided a four day training programme on Personality Development for III Year MBA and MCA students.  Mr.Ananthan provided a one day training programme on “Banking”.  A number of Resource persons gave programmes on “Employability  A total number of 170 UG and 74 PG students attended Campus recruitment drives. Out of these 36 UG and 22 PG students were selected in various Companies such as Mahendra Satyam, WIPRO, TCS, Infotech, Gen Pack, Zen soft, Audit firm, IDBI, Capital IQ, NIRYA soft, Shriram Chits, ALP consultancy, Global College, HSBC, India Infoline and a faculty in various schools and colleges  A Recruitment Drive was conducted at Sri Chaitanya Techno Schools for P.G. students on 10th March 2012. 50 students attended the Drive and 33 students secured placements in various Companies. 11 students from PG Physics, 8 for PG Chemistry, 5 from P.G. English, 2 from Mathematics and 7 from Biology were selected as faculty members of different disciplines.  A Ten Day programme on “Career Guidance and Personality Development” on 12th March 2012, for Post Graduate students by Department of Youth Services, SETWEL, Collectorate of West Godavari District, A.P. 38. Development programs for Non-teaching staff:
On third Saturdays the Non teaching staff were provided training in Communication skills, value orientation, computer skills, special skills needed for their jobs as is the custom every year. A seminar on “Commitment and Dedication at work places – work is worship “ was conducted in June 2011. On every 4th Saturday in every month a one hour programme on “Reorientation of job skills” was conducted. 39. Best Practices:
 This year the thrust has been on involvement of students in every  All programmes geared to enhance Quality and excellence of students.  Launch of Student Parliament to enhance decision making skills, presentation skills, negotiation skills, communication skills and leadership skills in students.  Thrust laid on ICT enabled learning in Media Centre, e-classrooms  A total of 31 staff attend National and International Seminars and  Staff deliver a record number of 32 guest lectures in local, state and national meets, seminars and conferences showcasing their expertise and talents.  Students bag a number of awards and prizes in various competitions at the district, state and national level thereby proving their capacities.  Around 15 Industrial visits and field trips by various departments  Innovative programmes like Theresian Bank launched by Department  Rabindranath Tagore 150th Centenary celebrations conducted by showcasing students’ artistic and historic talents in a befitting manner by the English Department.  State level Youth Fests and exhibitions – Aura 2011, Knowledge Plaza 2011, ICON 2011, INNOMAN 2012 set the pace for tremendous and energetic activities in the students.  International year of Chemistry celebrated meaningfully and befittingly on campus throughout the year by the Chemistry UG and PG Departments.  Nutrition Week celebrations (Dept. of Nutrition) and Energy Conservation Week (Dept. of Physics) celebrated with renewed vision and emphasis by the respective departments.  Job placement and Career Guidance Cell takes job placement activities to a more productive phase with job recruitment drives being organised. 40. Linkages developed with National/International academic and
Research boards:

 The Commerce department collaborated with A.P.State Government, DHE and State Green Corporation to conduct activities of Eco Club.  The Botany Department collaborated with Laila Labs, Vijayawada, Ayush, Forestry Department, IBS labs, Vijayawada, OPPRC, Pedavegi, CTRI, Rajahmundry, Ayurvedic Department, Eluru, and farmers of Vijayarai, Bapirajugudem, Nadipalli to inculcate best practices in agriculture such as production of biofertilizers, biopesticides, preparation of ayurvedic medicines, Vana mahotsav’s etc.  Applied Sciences department collaborated with St.Joseph’s Dental College and Ashram Diagnostic Centres to conduct Field Trips and Guest lectures.  With CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad, Image Hospitals, Hyderabad, Citi Cardiac Hospital, Vijayawada for Internships.  With MEPMA to conduct interactive training programmes for rural  With CARE NGO to conduct projects on behavioural changes in young child feeding practices in the ICDS Boards of West Godavari District.  Under IKP in collaboration with MEPMA in the Urban areas of Eluru  With ICDS training centres to provide training in Nutrition and Health  With Tissue Culture Lab, Gopannapalem to conduct experiments and  Directorate of Oil Palm Research, Pedavegi to conduct research  Department of PG Economics collaborates with S.E.R.V.E. NGO to provide exposure and training on economical issues. o CAPART, Hyderabad to carry out research projects. o Industrial Estate, Vamsi Seeds, West Godavari District to conduct surveys on industrial developments. UG Economics and History collaborate with DRDA and Tourism Department of Andhra Pradesh. Social work collaborated with APSS of Eluru to carry out service oriented activities.  PG & UG Chemistry Department: collaborates with NRC Oil Palm Research Centre, APPCB, NEDCAP, Vamsi Seeds, Laxmi Ice Factory, Food Adulteration Department to conduct Field Trips and research oriented activities.  Physics Department collaborates with BSNL, Eluru, ISRO, IISc, Sony Electronics to conduct research programmes and projects.
Any other relevant information:
 15 faculty forum lectures to promote furtherance of knowledge and
to promote better teacher quality and better teaching methodologies.  Around 20 knowledge Extension programmes ward-wise were conducted every Thursday to promote interdisciplinary infiltration of knowledge and to draw out the in-built capacities of students.  A number of social collaborative programme with Government and  To launch Post Graduate Courses in Nutrition.  To launch BBM Course  To establish a Centre for Excellence on Campus to promote conduct of Seminars/Conferences/Workshops and innovative programmes on campus.  To attempt to strengthen international linkages with agencies and  To launch more effective community oriented service projects. Co-ordinator
Internal Quality Assurance Cell
Ch.S.D.St.Theresa’s Autonomous
College for Women


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Saskatchewan Association of Naturopathic Practitioners For the purpose of this policy, Intravenous (I.V.) Therapy refers to the use of injectable nutrients administered intravenously to supplement and support health. REQUIREMENTS FOR THE PRACTICE OF I.V. THERAPY IN SASKATCEHEWAN Registrants wishing to practice I.V. Therapy must comply with the following requirements: - Successful completion of

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