air, wet -> water vapouralcohols, generally (see exact media) amines -> see exact mediaaminoethanols amyl alcohols -> pentanolsamyl chlorides anole -> cyclohexanolanone -> cyclohexanoneanthraquinonesulfonics acid, aqueous antifreezes -> see exact mediaantimony chlorides, free of water aqua fortis -> nitric acidaqua regia (nitrohydrochloric acid) ASTM-fuels -> gasolineASTM-oils -> oilATE-brake fluids -> brake fluidsATF-oil -> oilbarium chloride, aqueous basic aluminium acetate -> aluminiumacetates battery acid -> sulfuric acidbeef tallow (beef fat) -> oil, animalbeer bitter salt -> magnesium sulfatebitumen (asphalt) black liquor (cellulose-/ pulp-production) butanediols -> butylglycolbutanol -> butylalcoholbutanone -> methyl ethyl ketone (MEK)butene, aqueous casing head gas -> natural gascastor oil caustic potash -> potash lyecaustic soda -> sodium hydroxidecelluloseacetate chlorinated hydrocarbons, generally (see exact chloro butadiene -> chloroprenechloro ethane -> ethyl chloridechloro ethanol -> ethylene chlorohydrinchloroacetic acid, mono- chloroform (trichlormethanes) ->chloromethanes chloromethanes (chloroform, dichloromethane) cleaners (washing agents) -> detergentscoconut oil crude oil -> oilcumene -> isopropylbenzenecyancali -> potassium cyanidecyclohexane developing dyes, generally (see exact media) dextrose -> glucosedi. -> sebacic estersdiacetone alcohol dibutyl phthalates -> phthalic esterdibutylamine dichloroacetic acid -> chloroacetic aciddichlorobenzenes dichloromethanes -> chloromethanesdiesel, -fuel/ -oil -> gasoline, diesel-diethanolamine (iminodiethanol) diethyl sebacat -> sebacic estersdiethylamine diglycol -> diethylene glycoldiglycolic acid, aqueous diluents -> see exact mediadimethyl ether dinonyl phthalate -> phthalic esterdioctyl phthalate -> phthalic esterdioctyl sebacat -> sebacic estersdioxane ethanol amines -> aminoethanolsethanol, 10% (ethyl alcohol, spirit) ethene -> ethyleneethers -> ethyleneethyl acetate -> acetic acid ethyl esterethyl acrylate -> acrylic estersethyl alcohol -> ethanolethyl chloride ethyl ether -> diethyl etherethylbenzene ethylene chloride -> dichloroethanesethylene chlorohydrin FAM-Fuel -> gasolinefats -> oilfatty acids with >7 C-atoms, generally fatty alcohols, generally (see exact media) flight-gasoline -> gasoline (kerosene)fluorbenzene gasoline, diesel/ diesel oil/ heating oil Glauber´s salt -> sodium sulfateglucose (dextrose) glycol -> ethylene glycolglycolic acid, 30% grape juice -> fruit juicegrape sugar -> glucoseHCFC -> freonheating oil -> gasoline, dieselhelium hexachlorocyclohexane -> lindanehexanal hydraulic fluid, hydraulic oils DIN 51 524 hydraulic fluid, oil-in-water-emulsion HFA hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFC) -> freonhydrofluoric acid 10% hydrogen chloride, -gas/ -acid -> hydrochloricacid Javel water -> sodium hypochloritekerosene -> gasoline (kerosene)ketones, generally (see exact media) kresols -> cresolslacquers -> see exact media/ solventlactic acid, aqueous 3% laurylalcohol -> dodecanollavender oil lighting gas (illuminating gas) -> town gaslime -> calcium hydroxidelime -> calcium oxidelime, burned -> calcium oxidelime, milk of- (lime water) -> calcium hydroxidelimonene (dipentene) lindane -> hexachlorocyclohexanelinoleic acid liquefied gas (LPG) -> see exact medialiquid ammonia -> ammonialithium bromide lubricating oils/ greases -> oilmachine oils -> oilmagnesium chloride, aqueous 10% methyl alcohol -> methanolmethyl bromide methyl chloride -> chloromethanesmethyl chloroform -> trichloroethanesmethyl ethyl ketone (MEK) methyl glycol -> ethylene glycolmethyl isobutyl ketone methylated spirit -> ethanolmethylen chloride -> chloromethanesmicrobes (microorganisms) mine gas -> methanemineral oil -> oilmixed acid: sulfuric acid + nitric acid + water mixed acid: sulfuric acid + phosphoric acid + motor oils (engine oils) -> oilmust (fruit wine) nitrous fumes -> nitrogen oxidesnonyl alcohol nonanol) oil, hydraulic -> hydraulic fluidoil, mineral perchloroethylene -> tetrachloroethylenePerhydrol -> hydrogen peroxidepetrol -> gasolinepetroleum phenyl ether -> diphenyl etherphenylhydrazine photo developer, generally (see exact media) photo emulsion, generally (see exact media) photo fixing, generally (see exact media) phthalates -> phthalic esterphthalic ester (phthalates) pigs fat -> oil, animalpotash -> potassium carbonatepotash lye 10% potassium aluminium sulfate -> alumpotassium bicarbonate -> potassiumhydrogencarbonatepotassium bisulfate -> potassiumhydrogensulfatepotassium borate, aqueous potassium hydroxide -> potash lyepotassium hypochlorite premium gasoline/ petrol -> gasolinepropane, wet or gaseous prussic acid -> hydrogen cyanidepyridine refrigerating agent -> freonresorcinol salmiac -> ammonium chloridesalt water -> watersalt, table-salt -> sodium chloridesea water -> watersebacic esters silber salts, generally (see exact media) silicium dioxide -> silicic acidssilicon oil/ -fat Skydrol -> hydraulic fluid, phosphoric esterssoap suds -> detergentssoda ash -> sodium carbonatesoda lye -> sodium hydroxidesodium acetate, aqueous sodium bi. -> sodium hydrogen.
sodium bromide sodium sulfate, aqueous (Glauber´s salt) stone salt (halite) -> sodium chloridestyrene sulfur dioxide -> sulfuric acidsulfur trioxide (sulfur acid anhydride) tetrachlorocarbonates -> chloromethanestetrachloroethane transformer oil -> oiltributyl phosphate trichloromethanes -> chloromethanestricresyl phosphate trisodium phosphates -> sodium phosphatesturpentine water vapor (steam) -> waterwater, de-ionized -> waterwater, demineralized -> waterwater, distilled -> waterwater, mineral water -> water white oil -> paraffinwhite spirits -> gasolinewine

Source: http://www.dabflex.com.pl/katalogi/NORRES_-_Weze/Weze_-_Program_podstawowy/Tabela_Odpornosci_Chemicznych-english.pdf

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Thurs H5 v2_Layout 1 17/08/2010 16:00 Page 52Reprinted in IVIS with the permission of BEVA Thursday 9th September 2010 Neurology Sponsored by University of Liverpool 16.20–16.40 ‘How to’ interpret equine cervical radiographs and other imaging modalities Richard J. Piercy Royal Veterinary College, London, UK. Plain radiography of the cervical vertebrae can be used to

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