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October Update 2013

(please scroll down and read all updates for Senior & Minor divisions)

Our web address isContact League Secretary at: or at home on (01) 8321100 after 7pm.
Please contact Committee members on weekday evenings between 7pm and 10pm only. As the Committee
is made up entirely of volunteers we would ask that you contact them on weekends only when absolutely
necessary. We would also ask that you contact the appropriate committee member with your query.
Treasurer/Registrar Orlaith Boylan, 25 Templemanor Court, Dublin 12 Tel: 4500183.
League & Cup Administrator
Grace O’Flaherty, 99A Binn Eadair View, Sutton, Dublin 13 Tel: 8321107.
Deirdre Clinkscales, 7 Birchdale Park, Kinsealy Court, Swords, Co. Dublin.
Tel: 087 2955396. Email:


The leagues are now up and running. League changes as follows:
Senior 1:
Ladygators have pulled out and Maol Og have gone in Dublin Lions, Maol Og & The Green and have pulled out and Drogheda have gone in Artane, Rangers & Tolka Rovers have pulled out
The onus is on the HOME team to send in the scoresheet - just get an envelope and send them to:
FREEPOST: Grace O’Flaherty, 99A Binn Eadair View, Sutton, Dublin 13 within five days of playing the
match. The practice of fining for late scoresheets was so effective last season we are applying this rule
U14/16 have to have their games finished by early March due to AICC


Orlaith Boylan will be in contact soon with all our U11 clubs to set up the one day tournaments again. We
really appreciate clubs taking the time to run these and hope you are all as enthusiastic this season!

We are looking for a coach to take the Under 10 Jamborees this season. They normally take place four
times a year from 10am to 1pm on a Saturday or a Sunday. If you are interested please contact us on the
email addresses above. Please keep in mind that you will need at least 2 assistants with you on the day.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank Gerry Farrell from Oblate Dynamos for running these
Jamborees for the Ladies Board over the last number of years and also for his huge commitment to ladies
underage basketball for ladies. Gerry has set a very high standard for others to follow.
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October Update 2013

(please scroll down and read all updates for Senior & Minor divisions)


All players wishing to transfer to another club must have transfer accepted by the committee before they
play for the new club. The date for Minor transfers is now closed. Seniors can transfer up until 31st
December 2012. New players can be registered throughout the season. Teams players lists must be with
Orlaith before the team plays a game (€10 per player over 22 and €4 for those under 22). Also all clubs and
players must register online with Basketball Ireland - players must be registered before they play a match.
Remember that going forward all players must have their Basketball Ireland registration number written on
the scoresheet. Even the referees must do this. You all have your numbers from last season; the only
delay now will be for new players. Registration numbers on scoresheets are obligatory - you cannot play
without them.

The Cup Weekend is on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd March 2014 at the Oblates, Inchicore (see below).
There will be no changes to this schedule allowed.
Saturday 2nd March 2013
Sunday 3rd March 2013
We have been assured that there will be no International Training or no other national or school competition authorised that weekend to interfere with our competition. To operate this tight schedule we will insist that all Cup heats are played within the designated deadline. A few Rules to remember when arranging Cup games:  When arranging a fixture the home team must offer at least two dates to the away team. These dates must be at least four days apart. The away team must select one of these dates.  Minor teams are not obliged to play weekdays unless agreed by both parties so teams should keep this  If teams need to move League games to accommodate a Cup game this is of course permissible and the Board will facilitate all teams with this. Cup will always take priority over League.

All gyms should now be using the new court markings. If there are still two sets of markings on your home
court the new ones will apply. Please ensure that your court has changed the markings as soon as

We would like to remind you of the rules regarding referees fees at underage level:
 At underage level the game can go ahead with one ref.
 Only one fee applies, paid for by the team who DID NOT get a ref.
 Two refs at introductory level can ref together.
 If one team has a graded registered referee, or even a registered introductory referee, and the other
team brings a non-registered ref with them,  The game goes ahead only with the registered ref.  This is a BI and DOA requirement and is based on insurance requirements, referees are only insured to ref with other registered referees. Page 2 of 2

Source: http://www.dlbb.ie/Documents/DLBB_Update_October_2013.pdf


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