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help me make a difference 24 March 2011
A Note from Ai Lin, David’s mom.
After the news broke about the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis that struck Japan on Friday 11 March 2011, a curious and nosey preschooler de- Can I have school
cided that he just needed to know what the adults were talking about. He wanted to know about all the pictures shown on the news and requested to snacks next week?
watch the video footage on the BBC website about the earthquakes, tsunami and exploding nuclear reactors.
 I guess from there, he gathered that many people were in dire need of help and were “very poor”, so he asked if he could sell things to raise funds for charity.  “What exactly can you sell?” I asked him.  To that he replied that he would draw or paint something to sell to everyone.  However, I told him quite flatly that nobody would want to buy his artwork. I thought that that was the end of the discussion and that the issue was settled. However, every few days, the topic kept arising and he was unusually persistent and determined to raise funds for charity. He had even insisted (on a few occasions in the middle of the night) that we baked something and set up a table in the neighbourhood to sell things to “everyone” who walked by NOW! After telling him that it was not possible and that I didn’t exactly want the police (or NEA) coming after us, he would say in frustration, “But you don’t understand!” and till today, he still asks, “So when can we start fundraising?”  That's when I finally decided to approach Ms Fee.
 Just as well for this compassionate little one, Ms Fee was already contemplating fundraising for the hundreds of thousands of victims of the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami who are desperately in need of aid. Hence we give her our full support in this cause.
1. To raise funds for the earthquake and tsunami victims of Japan.
What’s World Vision doing .
How can you participate:
1. Parents talk to your child about the fundraising event at home and decide together if he wants to participate. If yes, decide if he should place his order daily or for the week.
2. Bring donations to school (we suggest a minimum donation of $1 per food item).
3. Child places his order with Ms. Yasmin. Child places his donation in the collection tin. 4. Child will be served the food during his snack time.
• Muffins (by David’s family)• Cookies (by Ethan’s family) • Sandwiches (by Yu Kit and Yu Shuen’s family; eggs/cheese) • Pasta with Alfredo Sauce (The Cafe, halal/vegetarian) • Tomato soup (by The Cafe, halal) served with bread sticks (Rocco & Koen’s family, vegetarian) • Jelly (Jaden’s family)• Sandwiches (by Janeen’s family, eggs/cheese)• Muffins (by David’s family) Have a question? Please call 6469-1572 and speak to Ms. Priti or Ms. Maha.
a fundraising activity of Roots & Shoots @ EYM Early Years Montessori



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