Before reAding chApter 4
Encourage speculation, but do not tell students

the answers before they read the chapter. Let them

Before reading activities (page 44)
check their own guesses as they read. The best
answers are:
Activity 1 before reading
Activity 2 before reading
Encourage students to speculate and to make
chApter 4 while reading
guesses but do not tell them the answers. They will
find out as they read that the only ‘no’ answer is
3 Because she thought that she would have a better life iv
number 2.
In all these activities it may be useful to help
chApter 5 while reading
students to clarify which Allegra is which:
1 The mother of the Italian Allegra (Allegra Three), to 2 Adrian to the mother of the Italian Allegra (Allegra Allegra Three = The Italian family’s daughter 3 Adrian to Allegra the ghost (Allegra One).
chApter 1 while reading
4 Allegra the ghost (Allegra One) to Adrian.
5 Allegra the ghost (Allegra One) to her mother, 2 F Adrian and his parents were on holiday in Italy.
3 F Margaret Henderson was English.
chApter 6 while reading
1 The doctor said that the third Allegra was going to 5 F Adrian woke up in the night.
2 Adrian married an Italian girl.
7 F Allegra said that her mother was a long way 3 Adrian and his wife had a baby girl.
4 Adrian’s child speaks English (and Italian). 5 Adrian’s daughter is a happy child.
9 F Adrian saw somebody in the next bedroom.
Additional questions:
chApter 2 while reading
1 Who . . .? Allegra Henderson (Allegra Two) 2 Who . . .? Adrian3 Where . . .? Bagno a Ripoli 4 Where . . .? In England5 Who . . .? Allegra Henderson (Allegra Two) Activity 1 after reading
6 Who . . .? Allegra the ghost (Allegra One) 1+12 2+8 3+14 4+10 5+11 6+13 7+9Claire Clairmont’s daughter, Allegra, died in 1822, but chApter 3 while reading
her ghost lived in the body of Allegra Henderson. She was unhappy because she wanted to be with her mother. She wanted to go to Bagno a Ripoli but she couldn’t get there alone. So she came to Adrian’s room at night 4 The daughter of the Italian family that Adrian was and asked him for help. When Allegra Henderson died, the ghost went to live in the body of the Italian family’s Allegra. Then the third Allegra became ill too, but Adrian knew how to help her. He took the ghost Allegra to Bagno a Ripoli and she found her mother there.
oxford bookworms library stage 2
the mystery of allegra
Activity 2 after reading
Activity 6 after reading
They say that ghosts are dead people who cannot rest.
Chiara Henderson’s daughter was called Allegra, They are usually unhappy. Ghosts come at night; they but she was often sad. She was tall and pale and she often wear white clothes, and they are cold when you had brown eyes and long black hair. She could speak touch them. They can come into a room when the door English and Italian but she couldn’t say the letter ‘r’. She and windows are locked. When they leave, you don’t see s
was born on January 21st and she died on April 21st, where they go. People are often afraid of ghosts.

Activity 7 after reading
Open answers. Encourage discussion.
The Italian family’s daughter was called Allegra, but n
she was often sad. She was tall and pale and she had a
brown eyes and long brown hair. She was born on s
January 21st and she went to hospital on April 20th ie
because she was ill but she didn’t die on April 21st, it
Adrian’s daughter was called Allegra, and she was a c

happy child. She was tall and pale and she had greeneyes and long black hair. She could speak English and Italian but she couldn’t say the letter ‘r’. She was born on January 21st but she wasn’t ill and she didn’t dieon April 21st, when she was five years old.
Activity 3 after reading
Possible answers:
ClAire: You must let me see Allegra. Why did you
send her to that terrible convent school? Byron: Because it’s good for her.
ClAire: No, it isn’t. I’m sure that she is cold and lonely there. I’m going to take her away.
Byron: Well, you can’t. I’ve told the nuns that they ClAire: You’re so unkind. I’m Allegra’s mother. And I Byron: How do you know that she’s ill?ClAire: I had a dream about her. I think that she’s Byron: Of course she isn’t going to die.
ClAire: You don’t love her! You don’t want her with you, so why can’t she be with her mother? Byron: Because she must stay in the convent. Activity 4 after reading
The picture goes on page 36.
1 Adrian and the ghost Allegra (Allegra One).
2 To Bagno a Ripoli.
3 Because Adrian wants to take the ghost Allegra (Allegra One) to her mother and make the Italian family’s Allegra (Allegra Three) get well.
Lines taken from the text on page 36 would make
suitable captions, for example:
‘Are you going to take me to Mamà?’
‘We’re going to Bagno a Ripoli.’ Activity 5 after reading
Open answers. Encourage discussion.
oxford bookworms library stage 2
the mystery of allegra

Source: http://www.englishcenter.dk/Files/Billeder/PDF/pdfoxford/Oxford%20Bookworms/newobwallegraans.pdf

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