B4 School Check:
This is a check for children aged between 4-5yrs. We are doing this check by nurse clinic appointment only. Once an appointment is made through the nurses, a booklet and consent form is sent out for parents to fill in. 1) Health questionnaire filled in by the parent. 2) Developmental assessments done by the nurse (involves the nurse asking child to 3) Parental evaluation of developmental status (PEDS) filled in by the parent 4) Stregth and difficulties questionnaire filled in by the parent 5) Strength and difficulties questionnaire filled in by the preschool teacher. The nurses also do a height/weight check and oral health check. If not enrolled with dental service, they are enrolled. Children are also referred for vision and hearing testing if not already performed in the preschool environment. The 4 year old immunisations are also completed if not had already. Parent and teacher forms are scored, and the outcome Any parental concerns are discussed, and either referred back to their own doctor, or on We allow 60 minutes per check, if there are no concerns then these can be completed within 45 minutes. Please phone reception to discuss B4school check clinic times. Staff updates:
Welcome: We would like to welcome Barbara Duder who joined the team in January as Practice Administrator. Barbara comes with a strong administration background having been a medical receptionist for the last four years at a busy Papakura medical practice, and prior to this was Office Manager in a large Intermediate School for 10 years. Some of Barbara’s interests outside of work include nurturing her creative crafty streak, socializing with friends, enjoying a great novel and spending time with family Congratulations to Dr Allison Shaw, who is expecting her first baby in July. Allison will be taking maternity leave from the end of June for a few months. We wish her all the best with sleepless nights and nappy changes until she returns. Farewell: We’d like to extend our warmest wishes to Marianne Mackie, who retired in July. Marianne is well known to our patients, and will be sadly missed by all of us here at Measles:
There is currently a measles outbreak in Auckland. If you think you might have been exposed to, or have contracted the measles, then please contact our nurses by phone to discuss before coming into the medical centre, or inform our front desk staff on arrival. If you think your child might have missed their measles vaccination, please contact the nurses to organise catch up immunisations. Some children might be able to have their vaccines earlier than scheduled. You are welcome to discuss this with the nurses. Repeat Prescriptions:
For reasons of safety and quality control we are now requesting that any requests for repeat prescriptions are given to us in writing. The easiest method for this is via our Do you have osteoporosis?
Zoledronate (Aclasta) has been around for quite some years, and has now become funded for people with osteoporosis and Pagets disease. It offers an alternative to weekly alendronate (Fosamax) that in many people only needs to be given every 18-24 months. Greenwood Medical centre is now offering these bone strengthening infusions. Please talk to your doctor if you would like to consider this. Suscribe:
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