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Pool Hours
Moves Forward!
Adult laps (no lifeguard)
General Swim (breaks at :45)
Family Swim (breaks at :45)
Adult Laps (no lifeguard)
Adult laps (no lifeguard)
General Swim (breaks at :45)
Message from
the President
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Holbrook Heights Community Association Newsletter
Pool News
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get us on our way. We hope touse this momentum to take us wrappers floating in the pool.)We have four big trash cans upcoming issues of the bi-annual newsletter and on our Holbrook Heights
Playground Fund
PO Box 6782
Concord, CA 94524
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Picnic Benches
Coming Soon!
donations and will be havingfund-raising events this sum- the association. As always, wewelcome anyone who wishes to to take charge of NeighborhoodPreservation. The city has apretty good program, but it Visit us
still relies heavily on citizensreporting problems. That’s President
where our own preservationcommittee could help out.
on the web
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Anyone interested? Let usknow via the management within the year. We have plansand estimates in hand and the ing hard trying to acquirecorporate donations. Please be Holbrook Heights Community Association Newsletter
Treasurer’s Report
Garage Sale
everyone would benefit fromthe improvements as renova- are up. We are still “underfunded” in our reserves but we We are considering a number ofoptions as we continue to seek Neighborhood
Holbrook Heights
Clean up News
Web page
Last year we worked with theCity of Concord Neighborhood both of the proposed renova-tions. To do this we would your story and want to share,please send us an email.
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Handy Phone
with your news, questions,suggestions and perhaps get City of Concord
Board of
Upcoming Meetings:
Human Resources (925)671-3151Leisure Services (925) 671-3270 Contra Costa County
Board Members:
Police Field Offices:
Management Company:
Holbrook Heights Community Association Newsletter
Holbrook Heights
Community Association
The quality of life in Holbrook Heights depends on you. Page 6 Holbrook Heights Community Association Newsletter

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