The faculty for the Masterclass is made up of leading figures within IAPCO and IPCAA and invited specialist speakers within the topic field. A feature of IAPCO
Wolfsberg educational events is that there should be a high ratio of faculty:participants. This Masterclass has a ratio of 1 faculty member for every 4 participants!

Cherie Davis,
Peter Fisk, CEO,
Sylvia Fondanèche,
Anna Frick,
Director of Business
The Genius Works
Vice-President of
President, IPCAA,
IPCAA, Head of
Head, Global
InterCall Streaming
Conference &
London, UK
Congress Department,
Sanofi-Aventis, Paris,
AstraZeneca, Sweden
delegates and 200 meetings per year.
been overseeing the rollout of industryleading virtual meeting solutions.
Originally from Australia, Cherie worksacross Europe, Middle East and Africaand has roots in Oman, India and Fiji.
She currently resides in London, UK.
Faculty continued
Ruud Janssen,
Susanne Kostka,
Carole Poillerat,
Pierce Riemer,
Managing Director &
Chair, IAPCO Training
Global Category
Director General,
Owner, The New
Academy, Vice-
Leader, Conferences,
The World Petroleum
Objective Collective
President, AIMS
Council, London, UK
International, Vienna,

several positions: content & logistics, monitoring and deliver better value.
strategy of the conference activity inAstraZeneca, on both procurementand working process sides.
Faculty continued
Danny Rivlin,
Jurriaen Sleijster,
Jan Tonkin,
Luc Volatier,
Managing Director,
Executive Vice
IAPCO Council
Executive in
Kenes International,
President, MCI
Member, Managing
Residence, IMD
Group, Switzerland
Director, The
Company, Auckland,
New Zealand
the world’s leading PCO companies.
father, Gideon Rivlin – a pioneer in the position of Executive Vice President.
the IAPCO annual “Wolfsberg”Seminar.


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