Conference Programme
08:00A.M : Registration Opens 09:00 A.M Inaugural Ceremony
“Present Trends and Future Prospects in
Prof. B. Suresh
Pharmaceutical Sciences”
President, Pharmacy Council of India. Vice Chancellor JSS University, Mysore. Session Title
Drug, Therapeutics and the Practice of Pharmacy
Chairperson- . (Dr.) Mukul Mathur, Dean, Rajasthan University of Health Sciences
Co-Chairperson- Dr. S. Datta, Professor Pharmacology, SGRRIM & HS, Dehradun.
Pharmacovigilance- Why Health Professional
Dr. Shanthi Pal
need to take action?
Rational use of Antimicrobials.
Prof. Vijay Thawani
Contributory Paper Session
Interaction of higher dose of rabeprazole with Dr. S.V Rajendra
Impact of pharmacist led intervention in Dr. D. K Upadhyay
improving health-related quality of life of newly diagnosed diabetes mellitus patients in a tertiary Pharmacology, Manipal College of Medical Sciences / Drug utilization pattern in acne vulgaris in skin Dr. S. Kumar
outpatients in a tertiary care teaching hospital Pharmacology, SGRRIM &
HS, Patel Nagar , Dehradun.
Mr. Hitesh
Satyaprakash Chaube
Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Pharmacy, C.B.D-Belapur, Navi, Mumbai. Comparative evaluation of angiotensin receptor Dr. S. Bawa
blockers with or without statins in the treatment Department of
of essential hypertension in a tertiary health care Pharmacology, Study on Use of Methadone in Drug Abusers in Ms. Parbati
Sciences Pokhara University, Lekhnath-12, Kaski, Nepal. Lunch + Poster Session I (Pharmacology, Herbal, Q.A & DRA,
“Herbal Drugs And Traditional System Of Medicine-The Future Of

Dr. S. Farooq, President, Himalaya Drug company, Dehradun.
Co-Chairperson- Dr.Lakshmaya, Director, GRD PG IMT, Dehradun.
The continuum from allopathic
Dr. James C. Griffiths
pharmaceuticals to traditional botanical
medicine to dietary and functional food
supplements: Is to day’s herb tomorrow’s
patent medicine?
Globalization of Natural Products and scope Dr. Pulok Kumar

of Pharmaceutical science
Jadavpur University, Kolkata.
Contributory Paper Session
Anti-urolithiatic activity of Elytraria acaulis of Dr. Anupama Singh
Mr. Vikas Rana
characterization and biological activity of Evaluation of in-vivo and in-silico anti-arthritic Mr. Vineet Mehta
potential of chloroform and hydroalcoholic leaf Institute of Pharmaceutical
extract of Cassia fistula L. on collagen II- Sciences, Kurukshetra induced arthritis in female wistar rats. Evaluation of pharmacognostic and synergistic Dr. Nishant
properties of camellia sinensis cultivators. Department of Biotechnology, Graphic Era University, Dehradun. Recent Advances in Herbal Medicines Treating Mr. Ankur Raj
Jaypee University of Information Technology, Waknaghat, Solan. Ms. Kalpana Parajuli
Determination of Total Phenol and Flavonoid Contents of Selected Medicinal Plants Found Sciences, Faculty of Science and Technology, Pokhara Evaluation of Poster Session –I
Close of Session
08:30A.M : Breakfast + Poster Session II (Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry)

Session Title
“Pharmaceutical Chemistry & Computer Aided Drug Design”
Chairperson - Dr.S.K Mazumdaar, Former Drug Controller, Uttarakhand.
Co-Chairperson – Prof. (Dr.) A.K Gupta, SGRR (PG) College.
Exploring Animal venoms for therapeutic
Dr. V.K. Kapoor
Director (Research),GHG Khalsa College of Pharmacy, Ludhiana. Contributory Paper Session
Dr. Versha Parcha
(Salvadoraside) a new antihyperlipidemic principle from Salvadora oleoides (decne) Preparation and pharmaceutical application of Dr. P.K.Gupta
Cellulose and paper division, Forest Research Institute, Dehradun. KNN-MFA on imidazol [4,5-b] pyridine and 4- Mr. Momin Ziyaul-haque
heteroarylpyrimidine for designing newer anti- Chemistry, MET Institute of Pharmacy, Nasik. Mr. Rakesh Kumar
imprinted polymers and their morphological study using scanning electron microscope. development Gujarat Forensic Sciences University, Gujarat. Microwave Heating in Organic Synthesis and Mr. Abhay Bhardwaj
Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, KIET School of Pharmacy, Ghaziabad. Assessment of polyphenol and antioxidant Ms. Nishat Anjum
property of fruits of Prunus armeniaca Regulatory Perspectives & Pharmaceutical Education in India
Chairperson – Dr. S.C Sharma Drug Controller, Uttarakhand.
Co-Chairperson – Dr. Feroz Anwar, Director, SIP, Dehradun.
Role of regulatory bodies in Pharmacy
Ms. Archana Mudgal
Registrar cum Secretary, Pharmacy Council of India, New Delhi. Challenges and opportunity in Pharmacy
Dr. Mahesh Burande
Profession to make India Pharma super
power in 2020.
Contributory Paper Session
Ms. Jasmine Chaudhary
simultaneous determination of Alprazolam Parallel Announcement of Evaluation Poster Session-II
“Advances in Biotechnology & Genetics”
Chairperson – Dr. N.K Singh, HOD, Dept. of Biotech, SGRRIM & HS, Dehradun.
Co-Chairperson – Dr. Kumud Badoni, SGRR (PG) College, Dehradun.
Therapeutic and Pharmaceutical application
Dr. G.S Randhawa
of Guar gum
Department of Biotechnology, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee. Contributory Paper Session (Biotechnology)
Modulation of secretase enzyme for treatment of Dr. A. Thapliyal
Department of Biotechnology, Graphic Era University, Dehradun. Mr. Avneesh Kumar
Recent trends in Biotechnology- Studies on Ms. Sonal Jain
Ancient DNA from Indian Fossil remains". Department of Biotechnology, IIT, Roorkee. Advances in Pharmaceutical Technology And Future Scope
Chairperson – Dr. Sandeep Verma, Vice President, Syncom Labs.
Co-Chairperson - Dr. N.V.S. Madhav, Director (Pharmacy), DIT University, Dehradun.
Coating of Pharmaceutical Products
Dr Shishir Bhand, Regional
Director, Abbott Laboratories.
Contributory Paper Session (Pharmaceutics)
Dr. Ajay Semalty
solubility and dissolution of poorly water Sciences, H.N.B. Garhwal University, Srinagar Garhwal. Polymeric approach to synthesise magnetic Mr. Harmeet Singh
Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee. Novel nano lipid carriers to target CD44 Mr. Lalit Mohan Negi
biomarker for theranostic application in colon Faculty of Pharmacy, JamiaHamdard, New Delhi. Design of Controlled Release Gastoretentive Ms. A Pandita
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, SBSPGI, Balawala, Dehradun Valedictory and Vote of Thanks

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