Hentiu Raluca Daniela -Web Design Course- My project consists of developing a static web site for a fictional company named Touch Tattoo&Piercing. The company’s main objective is to attract clients by promoting an image which has professionalism,experience, talent, creativity and self-expression written all over it. I choose this theme/subject because I considered it would offer me the chance to express my creativity and the liberty of creating an artistic design. I found my inspiration in the punk subculture, which seeks to outrage others with the highly theatrical use of clothingosmetiwellery andso I found it appropriate to use a color theme based on dark colours like black and grey, combined with vibrant pink hues, and the skull image as a defining element, which blends in perfectly. I began by creating the company’s logo.This mark is used to aid and promote instant public recognition, so it was one of the most important parts of the website. The Touch Tattoo&Piercing logo is a combination of graphics and writing and it contains the name of the company , domain of activity and a graphic symbol destined to serve as a distinctive signature for the company’s services and products.The hand represents the talent and hard work of the artist involved in the project.I used a special kind of font, very sharp, edgy, kind of tottoo-looking to express the company’s profile. I continued by creating the layout for the Home page using Photoshop and a litle bit of CorelDraw.I edited the pictures so their size, style and transparency would fit the image I wanted to create. Again, the pictures I used had the same color theme as the ones I choose for the website’s elements: background-color, menu etc. Hentiu Raluca Daniela -Web Design Course- Using HTML, I developed the website’s base structure and wanting to stay true to the original picture I created for Touch website, I found some difficulties in creating it’s divisions (“div”) and placing the pictures the right way so they would look exactly like the layout did.CSS was used to improve the website’s design by helping me positioning the elements, adding different colors and special fonts. After the Home page was done, I created the rest of the website’s pages and overall structure :  The menu, containg the following : About Us, Services, Prices, Photo Gallery, Contact  The footer, containing some usefull tatoo&piercing related articles that a client could be interested in : Piercing Maintenance, Tattoo Maintenance and Tastefull Tattoo Ideas for Women and social network buttons;  In the left side of the website, a special section: Tattoo & Piercing, containing descriptions, types, pictures and other usefull information of these two practices;  A simple and funny test that clients would hopefully find interactive: “Are you a badass?” The Home, About Us, Services and Prices pages basically contain information regarding the company and its services. The Photo Gallery uses a simple CSS-based image gallery that allows a client/potential client to see the company’s work in a clean, simple and easy-to-use way, choosing each picture he wants to visualize, click by click. The Contact page contains the phone number, location and studio’s working hours.I added Google Map in the left of this information, a web mapping service application to get driving directions for those who wish to visit the studio. There is also a HTML contact form at the end of the page which validates it before sending off the contact to a server. The fallowing data are checked by JavaScript: if the user left required filds, like first and last name, empty and if he has entered a valid e-mail address.The form isn’t completly functional due to the fact that PHP is one of the scripting languages that follows to be studied in the future stages of the course. The reason Facebook, Google and Twitter buttons in the footer section are invalid is that Touch Tattoo&Piercing is a fictional company and the data required by these social networks for this webside are not available. The Badass Test page needs some work to be done, as you can see it has to be validated using technologies that are still beeing studied , so it has a rather old-school form, the person having to calculate it’s own results.But of course this is not it’s final form. I personally find the site very easy to use, has a simple but elegant menu, it contains useful informations, intertaining elements (articles in the footer, Badass Test), is overall functional and has an appropriate design reflecting the company’s type of activity.


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