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6856 Leaflet U22•PM725 09-02-2004 14:50 Pagina 1 MicroAIR
Actual size
This device complies with the provisions of the EC directive 93/42/EEC(Medical Device Directive).
• Silent
batteries/Type AA) 2.4V DC (two NiMH rechargeable • Small
batteries) AC adapter (optional) 230V AC, 50 Hz MMAD3 between 3.4 µm and 6.0 µm,typical value: 4.9 µm Contents of the package:
Main unit, main unit cover, medication container, mesh cap, mask adapter,
mouthpiece, flexible child mask, flexible adult mask, 2 AA batteries, instruction 2 The Nebulisation rate is measured with saline 0.9% solution at 23°C and can vary with medication and ambient conditions.
3 MMAD: Mass Median Aerodynamic Diameter Specifications subject to change without prior notification.
Blood Pressure Monitors • Thermometers • Nebulisers Body Fat Monitors • TENS Devices • Step Counters Pocket Nebuliser
C o n s u l t u s – w e ’ l l b e g l a d t o a d v i s e y o u w w w. o m r o n - h e a l t h c a r e . c o m 6856 Leaflet U22•PM725 09-02-2004 14:50 Pagina 4 Silent operation
Freedom to leave the house
The MicroAIR operates silently, enabling
Low medication waste and residue
discrete use. The absence of loud,
The MicroAIR uses up virtually all the medication.
(Always consult your doctor about your medication.) frightening noise makes it possible to use
Thanks to the latest technology, medication is under circumstances that require calm
treatment. It can even be used to treat a
sleeping child.
Wide medication compliance
Maximum portability and flexibility
Now you can feel safe and reassured. You can leave treatment of asthma and COPD (Chronic Obstructive the house without having to worry about being away Pulmonary Disease) can be nebulised by the from your nebuliser. The MicroAIR is so small MicroAIR including suspensions as well as (size of a mobile phone) and light weight (300 grams) tract. You receive more medication into your lungs, solutions. The design of the MicroAIR enables you can have it with you. You do not even have to and less medication is wasted through exposure to inhalation at various angles due to its unique think about having any plug-in for the car as the technology which means you can use MicroAIR MicroAIR is truly portable and self powered by its two The device is easy to clean for optimal hygiene.
AA batteries. You can also use rechargeable batteries with the MicroAIR. At home you can use the optional Unique pocket nebuliser
AC adapter without having to remove the batteries.
The Omron MicroAIR is a truly portable pocket size inhaler that will fit in your hand bag or briefcase. Simple one button operation. Inhalation and The MicroAIR nebuliser is the smallest
It is the smallest nebuliser in the world. With average exhalation is under your control. Nebulisation starts portable nebuliser in the world.
use the two AA batteries will last for up to 8 days More Pulmicort than your average
The nebulisation of Budesonide suspensions by a newly designed mesh nebulizer. (yuji yoshiyama, Tomoko Yazaski, Masato Arai and Motoko Kanke) Division of Clinical Pharmacy, Kyoritsu College of Pharmacy, Toko 105-8512, Japan; Omron Life Science Corporation, Kyoto, 600-8530 Japan) little as two minutes a nebulisation.

Source: http://www.intermedicaldirect.co.uk/custom/upload/pdf/microair.pdf


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