Calender of events - 2006-07

IPS Officers’ Wives Association (IPSOWA) Maharashtra Senior Police Officers’ Mess,
Sir Pochkhanawala Road, Worli, Mumbai – 400 030 A skit written by Mrs. Renu Jain, was performed at the Mrs. Medhekar was made the Judge. Mrs. Bhinge, Mrs. Pathania, Mrs. Paranjape, Mrs. Soman were selected as Mrs. Shabnam Javed was the Prosecution Advocate audience through the Case through the presentation. Everyone was thrilled at the unique concept of the presentation. After the court hearing was over, Mrs. Zarine Gupta spoke as a media person. Members of Jury gave their
views on the Case, and Mrs. Medhekar read out the at the end. Vote of Thanks was given by Mrs. Shangrila At lunch, everyone was appreciating the new style of the The Nirlep sale went off very well too.
‘Nirlep & Amla Shoppe’ (Courtesy Mrs. Renu Jain)
IPS Officers’ Wives Association (IPSOWA) Maharashtra Senior Police Officers’ Mess, Sir Pochkhanawala Road, Worli, Mumbai – 400 030 Annual Report circulated at the IPSOWA AGM- 2007 at
the Senior Police Officers Mess, Worli on 18.4.07
Month/ Year
‘Krrish’ at Cineplanet- the Husband Night Skin & haircare- Talk by Dr. Rekha Bhutada December, 2006 11.12.06 Sayonara January, 2007 AGM 2007 with ‘Nirlep & Amla Shoppe’ 1. The year 2006 started with a bang for IPSOWA, with the screening of the movie ‘Krrish’ at CinePlanet, on a balmy and rainy evening, followed by a lavish and sumptuous dinner spread. The event received an overwhelming response with everyone, esp. the children enjoying the most. 2. July saw us receiving the most sought-after tips on skin and haircare from Dr. 3. ‘Shravan ayyo re….e….e.’ was celebrated with heartful singing and dancing,
and delicious & mouth-watering ‘Delhi chaat’. Members turned out in the brightest
dresses and colorful bangles in their stunning best. The invitees were treated to
beautifully decorated ‘jhoola’. We took off with such a wonderful start.
19th September 06, a special show of the movie “Woh Lamhe” was screened for
the IPSOWA. The movie started at 3.30 pm. Popcorn and delicious snacks were served during the movie. The event was fun-filled and everybody enjoyed and had a 5. Next on the block was the grand event ‘Mela Dhamaka’ on 16th Oct, 2006 at Azad
Maidan Police Club, which turned out to be a shoppers’ paradise offering a
fascinating array of various fashion/ utility/ household items, as well as festive
Diwali gifts, with mouth-tickling eats, and games of skills, and to top it all a game of
‘Lotto’. More than 25 stalls were put up and a large number of members & non-
6. 15th November 06 saw the members gaining confidence in their looks, speech, and
style with Dr. Kumar Swami and Dr. Ms. Pooja Avate of the Chicago Center for
Advanced Dentistry
educating and enlightening them about the all- important
‘Oral Care’. How well said is that - “Mouth is the mirror of our total health”. Dr.
Pooja Avate presented a ‘bleach pen’ to all members present. (Credit: Mrs. Avate) 7. To bid a befitting farewell to 2006, ‘Sayonara 2006’ was celebrated by the members
on Al Marina, a cruise boat at Gateway of India, on 11th Dec. 06. The picnic was kick-started by EC members welcoming all the guests on-board. The boat swayed and rocked to soothing waves of the deep blue waters of the Arabian Sea. A game of Tambola, some Birthday Celebrations, a delicious lunch followed by the announcement of the Surprise Gift for a ‘Sayonara 2006 Guest’ to Mrs. Papriwal
and ‘Sayonara 2006 Best Dancer’ toMrs. Sunita and Sarita ki jodi’ made the day
a memorable one.
8. When the sky was being painted with exotic & colorful kites, IPSOWA members,
dressed in Yellow Sarees were greeting one another, on the auspicious day of
Sankrant, with sweet and soft ‘til-gul’ as a gesture of goodwill, friendship, love and
affection and started the Year with Sweet Words, with a resolve to take IPSOWA
26th of Feb. we embarked on a fun-filled journey, in a cool & comfortable coach christened ‘Victoria No. 203’. The journey started with the jokes, riddles, games and give-away gifts. The two-hour journey to Thane just flew away. With a traditional welcome at the ‘Electric City’, we were treated to delicacies like Pani-puri and bhel-puri, while wathching the Folk-dances. A sumptuous Lunch was served before we set sail on the cruise. On board, a small skit was enacted by Mrs. Jain and Mrs. Rathod, followed by jokes and a game of housie. On return to Haveli, Mrs. Pathania
cut the cake celebrating the 25th Silver Jubilee of IPSOWA.

(Credit: Mrs. Pasricha, Mrs. Shobha Shinde & Mrs. Archana Tyagi, SP, Thane Rural) All of you have been generous in appreciating the new-look features of IPSOWA
Birthday SMSs to all members on their birthdays. This has received a Sending SMSs to all members in respect of the meetings/ functions of IPSOWA, besides the improvised system for distribution of circulars. Celebrating the birthdays of members collectively. Improvement in food/ snacks quality at the meetings. Celebrating various festivals - going back to the ROOTS, in style.
Revolving Trophy for the Best Female Athlete: A new specially crafted Trophy
was got made and awarded to the Best Female Athlete in the Maharashtra State
Police Games in Feb., 2007 at Thane, along with a cash prize of Rs.1000/-. This
will be henceforth a permanent feature of MSPG. Awarding a prize of Rs.2000/- and a certificate to the girl child of a deceased
policeman, who has scored the highest marks in the Matriculation exam. The
prize has gone to Miss Tarranum Bano d/o Late HC/1369 Latif Shaikh Chand,
who has scored 67% marks in 10th Std exam. Increased membership (including outstation members) and overwhelming
response in IPSOWA functions.

Projects in the Pipeline:
Silver Jubilee Celebrations.

‘Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi Yaadein’:
We would like the You Members to pick up your pens, go back in time and write
your varied experiences. You can also contribute any good innovative household tips (medicinal, dietary, cookery, beauty etc.). We are looking forward to your whole- Last chance to you to feel free and be your creative best.

Please send us your write-ups
• Language can be Marathi/ Hindi/ English
The best entry will get a surprise gift.

(Renu Jain)
(Kamal Pasricha)


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