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• Ten years as a passionate and enthusiastic information architect, consultant, instructor and designer. • Created flows, structure and wireframes for CTV, CHUM, Canwest, Col ege of Nurses of Ontario and Maclaren MRM. • Designed and ran usability studies for CTV and the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO). • Fol ows multiple projects to tight deadline. Senior Information Architect at Maclaren MRM • Works with diverse stakeholders to produce architecture, wireframes and audits for desktop, tablet and mobile. • Business lines include GM and Nestle. 40 projects big and smal in six months. • Worked col aboratively with Cathexis to develop three year Information Management and Web Strategy. • Wrote personas and task flows. Sketched wireframes and IxD. Managed test implementation. Information Architect at CTVglobemedia Inc (CHUM Ltd) • Provided analysis, wireframes, site maps, storyboards, inventories, copy and functional specifications. • Performed usability testing and heuristic evaluation to assess if user experience goals are met. • CHUM wireframes and prototypes: Much Music, Breakfast Television, Canada’s Next Top Model and Alesse. • CTV wireframes, flows and prototypes: CTV corporate, CTV media, Registration, Nintendo and TIFF. • Three terms as an instructor for Digital Media (Flash, Dreamweaver) in Radio & Television Arts Program. • Presented weekly. Received excellent evaluations. Responsible for a portion of tutorials and rubrics. Web Administrator at the Col ege of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) • Manage and maintain CNO website. Gather site metrics and assess for various Col ege groups. • Perform information audit and draft new website strategy. • Restructure, reorganize and reskin external site. Edited structure and content in situ to improve user flow. • Quality assurance test online registration tool (.NET) and find solution to visual issues. • Architect and design: Camps, Summer Festivals (10), MILK, School Visits, Learning, Kuumba and Persian • Manage and maintain: The PowerPlant and Harbourfront Centre (includes al newsletters and web advertising). • Plan implementation in time-sensitive environment. Reorganized and reskin main site. 4,000 ann. events. • Added 300+ new pages and ensured custom PHP templates met standard (xbrowser/platform/W3C XHTML & WAI-A). • Animated and coded banners, contests and newsletters. Edited content. Added metrics. Trained assistant. • Drafted strategy to define site architecture for CMS implementation. Multiple sites and events to tight deadline. Intranet Developer at the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) • Successful y quoted, planned, designed, developed and implemented the CNO Intranet through three phases. • Produced a scalable, budget-wise and intuitive application for al skil levels (scaled to 10,000 documents). • Planned the project, presented each phase for discussion and addressed al concerns. • Performed contextual inquiry, card sort, info/interface design, coding, manuals, training, heuristic evaluation. Principal at Ilana Schwartz Interactive Design ( • Define, plan, organize, design, edit, and code projects for a diverse clientele. • Hire and mange subcontractors as necessary 2009 - 2010 Cathexis Consulting Strategy.
Canwest Contract wireframes for restaurant guide in local product. Developed faceted search.
Syncapse IA assisting in social networking site using Visio and writing annotations for client.
2004-2007 Canadian Renewable Fuels Association Analyse, architect design and report. Ride Renewable identity.
Commercial Alcohols Website and maintenance.
Fi elds Institute (University of Toronto) Holiday card, large print banner and identity for MICS Journal.
Christian Jewish Al iance of Toronto Website and maintenance.
Cathexis Consulting Analyse, architect and implement site, design brochure and update logo.
Educational Connections Brand.
2001-2005 Col ege of Nurses of Ontario Intranet Assess, plan, implement, QA, manual/train, usability study assist.
Margaret Morden Image preparation, print col ateral, calendar and website.
Cubby Vac Canada Web design and user manuals.
Johnston Research Web design.
Softchoice Corporation Front end web development (XHTML, CSS).
Porter Novel i Canada Mail e Mustard contest design/deploy, Nerves of Steel CD and Gil ette il ustrations.
Glenn Brown Photo Website.
Avanti Computer Systems Assess, plan, architect and implement site. Front end order system design.
2004 Experchem Laboratories Inc. Assess, plan, architect and code website.
2003 Consolidated Insurance Brokers Limited Design/implement website.
foComm Canada Implement CMS, update identity, design banner, posters, ads and business cards.
Cantor Thomas Schwartz Website.
Bolivar Gold Company Website, competitive analysis.
en Miric Photography Website project management.
Zorzi & Ass ociates Il ustrations, logo, website and print col ateral.
est List Television Pitch Project lead on Flash website, interactive PDF.
2002 30th Year by day Icons and figure il ustrations for Risa Horowitz.
Interware and e-RegisterNow Logos and websites.
ReBOOT Retail website.
2000-2001 Dreadnaught Design Front-end dev: Inneraccess, Toronto Centre, Smashing Type, Fidelity, Flash eCards.
• Information Management Certification with distinction. International Academy of Design and Technology • Digital Media Design diploma. Received entrance scholarship for web design schematic. • BSc. in specialized honours biochemistry. Degree awarded with distinction. Senior research project with honors. • First website: Details failed experiment in Plant biotechnology. First wireframe. • Competitive analysis, user experience flows, taxonomies, wireframes and storyboards. • More importantly: Talking about it. • Plans & surveys, interviews, assessments and reports. • Contextual inquiry, heuristic evaluation and statistical analysis to evaluate site usability. • Developing strategy, presenting, proposals, assessment, personas, budgeting and contracts. • Test sites and user processes iteratively to improve user experience. • Six years XHMTL, XML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript to W3C standard in compliance with WAI. • Create identity, charts, cards and informational graphics for print and online media. • Draw wireframes with Sharpies, Illustrator, Visio, Axure, Word, Excel, PowerPoint. • Ten years experience with Il ustrator, Dreamweaver and Photoshop. • Workstudy with Dr. A. Rod Merril . Senior project with Dr. A. Rod Merril . • Successful ligation of EEF-2 fragment into PTZ18U for Site-directed Mutagenesis. • Workstudy with Dr. P. David Josephy. • Cell culture preparation, including mammalian cell lines. • Quality Control in the Stability Lab. • HPLC, UV testing of drug samples including calculations and findings reporting to ISO 9001 standard. • Refer to LinkedIn for CTV reference. Additional references available upon request.
• Col ege of Nurses of Ontario Intranet Development:


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Gender Differences in College Students’ Future Aspirations Materials and Measures M = 1.70 , SD = 1.33, Females M = 1.42, SD = 1.18), but for other events (e.g., having a career), they felt a lot of pressure (Males M = 2.63 , SD = Gender studies show that men and women prioritize different life goals. The demographic portion of the questionnaire consisted of four questions

Re-Printed by Courtesy of Joanna Kimball (Black Sheep CardiganCorgis) None of what I’m going to say is new or should be controversial (it’s well accepted by repro vets and every single repro vet I’ve talked to about this has said the same thing), but some of it is not necessarily part of the conventional wisdom that breeders tell each other. Both aspects of reproductive health–the “rig

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