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Detection of Chiral Compounds
Using HPLC with CD Detection
Chiral detectors provide valuable information since Experimental
they only respond to optically active compounds. This Compounds were run on a Jasco HPLC equipped with allows the researcher to differentiate enantiomers. A a CD and an ORD detector. Sensitivity comparisons sensitivity comparison between the two chiral detection were based on quantitation limits for each compound techniques optical rotation (ORD) and circular dichroism (CD) was conducted with a variety of compounds to demonstrate the effectiveness of the techniques. Table I: Comparison of ORD and CD Detectors:
Quantitation limits of analytess (S/N=10).
Chiral separation has become one of the most OR (ug) CD (ug) Increase
important applications of HPLC. Chiral analysis has Flavanone
0.05 148X
become critical in drug development because in many Triadimefon
6.9 0.09 77X
cases like thalidomide one enantiomer has health t-Stillbene oxide
1.2 0.11 11X
benefits while the other is toxic or mutagenic. Chiral Naproanilide
6.3 0.36 18X
detection has previously been limited to optical rotary Pindolol
33.6 0.56 60X
dispersion (ORD) or polarimetry. Optical rotation-based Indapamide
20.6 0.62 33X
detectors are based on differences in refractive index. Ibuprofen
23.9 1.04 23X
Circular dichroism-based detectors differentiate Flubiprofen
30.4 1.38 22X
enantiomers by measuring differences between the absorption of right and left-handed circularly polarized Conclusions
light. These detectors provide higher sensitivity and a The circular dichroism based chiral detector typically stable signal which is not affected by gradient analysis. provides sensitivity 10-100x greater than optical rotation-based chiral detectors. This provides highly sensitive and selective detection of chiral compounds that have a UV absorption in the 220-420 nm range. The CD detector also provides a UV signal in addition to the CD signal. This allows optical purity determinations without chiral separation. CD detection is also unaffected by gradient elutions or other changes in non-chiral components during elution. Detection of chiral compounds can be done with or without prior chiral separation using the CD detector. Polarimetric or optical rotation-based detectors remain a viable alternative for compounds that do not contain a chromophore by allowing universal detection with reduced sensitivities. These detectors can still be used for the majority of chiral compounds and are excellent for sugars. Jasco is currently the only manufacturer capable of providing chiral detectors based on both of these techniques as well as many other HPLC Figure 1. Chiral separation of 10µg of ibuprofen.
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