Employee of the Month 2011-12
SEPTEMBER Employees of the Month

Lefevre- As Administrative Assistant at Killingly Intermediate
School, Joanne went above and beyond expectations during the summer. While another co-worker was out for most of the summer on medical leave, Joanne found herself having to do most of the scheduling for the upcoming school year. This is an enormous accomplishment in itself when there are two people involved doing this, never mind doing it alone. Joanne never waivered from the many difficult tasks, and never complained amidst the new enrollments, student withdrawals, answering phones, etc. It did not go unnoticed that she took work home many nights and weekends to ensure keeping up with the demands and responsibilities at hand. Through all of this, Joanne kept a professional attitude and a smile on your face at all times. SEPTEMBER Employee of the Month
Lisa Vance- As the newly appointed Librarian at Killingly Intermediate School,
Lisa volunteered nearly 100 hours in reorganizing the library. Lisa has been passionate
about ensuring that all children will have quality literature in their hands. Every single
book in the library was literally checked by Lisa and she even organized volunteers to
assist in this monumental task. In addition to Lisa’s research on quality standards, she
also assisted teachers and staff in learning which resources are considered high quality
for students. Her dedication to the Killingly Public Schools and their children is amazing!

OCTOBER 2011 Employee of the Month

Rose Hindle- Central Office
Rose’s work deserves commendation for going above and beyond your duties to the benefit of the entire district. During the unexpected absence of the payroll clerk, Rose took the initiative to fulfill the entire payroll function while still performing her own duties. This was no small feat, considering it was prior to the first full school year payroll and all that it encompasses with new hires, internal transfers and individual employee adjustments. While Rose regularly contributes to many of the behind-the-scenes functions of the Business Office, her ability to step into the integral role with a can-do attitude is truly appreciated and worthy of recognition.

Karen Lagace - Killingly High School. Karen wears many hats at
Killingly High School. Karen is a teacher, student government liaison, student activities
director, yearbook advisor and she is dedicated in everything she does. Karen works
extremely hard and she is always pleasant and helpful to the students, faculty and staff.
Many of her colleagues have recognized her commitment and they all agree that Karen
goes above and beyond in everything she does.

Allegra Plantier,
Killingly Central School, Music Teacher- Allegra goes above and
beyond to bring such wonderful programs to Killingly Central School students. Allegra
brought in an array of performers for the Artist Showcase for Young Audiences. During
such a tight budget, Allegra found a way to have performers come in for free. She finds
endless creative ways to give all the students exposure to more art and activities. This
was truly an outstanding experience that Allegra organized with her unified arts team and
it was a flawless execution of a well-planned enrichment activity for Killingly Central
School. Allegra makes great effort to modify and accommodate all of her learners and her
hard work and planning is so appreciated by all the staff.
And Also in December…
Thelma Dawson, Michelle Gallup, Elizabeth Izzo, Gloria Jellison,
Heather Juszcyk, Sandy Schaefer, Julie Stone, Killingly Intermediate
School, Instructional Assistants.
Seven ladies who help out in the classrooms and are very dedicated to handicapped
students and to each other. Recently, there have been a couple of long term absences,
one due to an operation and one due to pneumonia. With substitutes difficult to get, these
seven instructional assistants chipped in with extra duties and extra time and helped out
without complaint and with smiles.
On a daily basis, these ladies make accommodations, modify, follow behavior plans, and
even help with toileting and feeding and they also help with many outside functions.
What a dedicated group!
Mr. Wayne Blackmer and Mr. Kurt Michon

As second shift custodians at Killingly Central School, Wayne and Kurt were chosen to
receive this award due to the appreciation from Killingly Central Staff. According to
KCS staff, they are personable and kind to all teachers and staff. They deserve
recognition mostly for the outstanding job and attention they give the classrooms every
day during the school year, and especially during the summer months.
This summer it was requested that a classroom blind’s be cleaned more thoroughly than
usual, and when the teacher arrived in August, the blinds were spotless. They go "above
and beyond" when cleaning the classrooms, doing extra things like emptying pencil
sharpeners, helping out teachers with personal requests, etc. Wayne and Kurt are willing
to stop what they are doing to give teachers a hand carrying bags or boxes of books and
things out to their cars. No matter what the task is, they are ready and willing to help.
When teachers had to switch classrooms, both provided boxes, and helped move the
boxed items and furniture in and out of the classrooms. Everyone from Killingly Central
School appreciates everything you do!
On behalf of the Board of Education, we commend you and thank you for your
dedication to the Killingly Public Schools.

Ms. Heather Baribeault

As a Special Education Teacher at Killingly High School’s Chrysalis Program, your
colleagues feel your work deserves commendation given the scope of your
You are being commended for your tireless efforts on behalf of ALL the special needs
students in the department. You have worked extremely hard to ensure that each student
needing assessment modifications within the curriculum has them, and furthermore, you
make these modifications readily available for other special education staff.
You have worked with several teachers across the curriculum to become familiar with the
curriculum, the assessments. Not only do you familiarize yourself with the curriculum,
you also take the initiative to modify assessments for each content area and then create
Power Point presentations for meetings in the special education department in order to
provide your colleagues assessments for their use too.
Beside being a teacher, you are a class advisor, assistant girls’ basketball coach and you
are engaged in unified sports proving to be indefatigable in the pursuit of academic and
athletic success for all students. You maintain a positive attitude and work ethic despite
the tremendous pressures the special education population brings to the table.
On behalf of the Board of Education, we commend you and thank you for your
dedication to the Killingly Public Schools.

MARCH 2012
Killingly Memorial School’s Cafeteria Staff; Joelle Rondeau, Jean Hubert,
Pamela Joly and Tracy Caffrey.

It is my pleasure to inform you, as a member of the Killingly Memorial School Cafeteria
Staff, you have been chosen as Employee of the Month for March 2012.
Your work deserves commendation given the scope of your responsibilities and the
quality with which it is done.
The KMS cafeteria staff dealt with significant challenges this year, including a serving
unit that was not installed for weeks after school started, new menus and guidelines, and
new supervisors.
Patience with the students and staff while implementing new cafeteria procedures was
evident and your skills and professionalism did not go unnoticed. Even during and after
these starting glitches, the KMS cafeteria procedures ran smoothly. The cafeteria staff
kept smiles on their faces with a “can-do” attitude as they helped students adjust to the
new school year.
On behalf of the Board of Education, we commend you for your dedication to the
Killingly Public Schools.

APRIL 2012
Pam Rodgers and Jeff Ethier
As music teachers at Killingly High School, you have been chosen to receive this award
due to the appreciation from so many people within the Killingly Public Schools family
and community.
We thank you for your assiduous effort in making the New England Music Festival an
enormous success. This was, without a doubt, no small accomplishment. Both worked
for months in order to pull off this amazing event. The festival was an astounding
weekend and something that the entire town can be proud of. You not only showcased
our beautiful school, but the talents and hard work of our dedicated music students.
Pam and Jeff went above and beyond the call of duty to make this festival happen, and
they did it with professionalism, thoughtfulness, enthusiasm, and true dedication. This
was a fantastic event, and reflected so well on our entire community!
On behalf of the Board of Education, we commend you and thank you for your
dedication to the Killingly Public Schools.

MAY 2012
Linda Robinson
As a secretary in the Killingly Public Schools’ Pupil Services Department, Linda went
above and beyond expectations during the CMT/ CAPT months of February and March.
Linda was meticulous combing through the Accommodation Forms in preparation for the
2012 testing window. Her organization, attention to details and dedication allowed for the
precision in entering the data into the State Website in a timely manner. Through it all,
Linda maintained a positive, helpful, professional attitude. This type of professionalism is
truly appreciated and worthy of recognition.
On behalf of the Board of Education, we commend you for your dedication to the
Killingly Public Schools.

JUNE 2012
Ken Pontrelli- Instructional Assistant at Killingly Central School
Your work deserves commendation for going above and beyond your duties to the benefit
of students and colleagues at Killingly Central School.
Ken has a very positive impact on KCS students throughout the building - if something needs to done, Ken will get it done. He volunteers to sing at special holiday concerts, he volunteered to be the DJ at a recent dance, and he took care of the music for the Q and U wedding. Ken’s dedication to students goes beyond the classroom. During recess he organizes team building games while promoting a safe, positive environment. Ken also integrates literacy activities during lunch time. Through story telling, he engages students to problem solve and build vocabulary. Students are becoming more responsible and respectful as a result of Ken. Ken is a caring gentleman who always puts the needs of the children first, then colleagues, and then the school family. Kens’ sense of humor carries KCS staff through the tough days and he strives to ensure everyone works together. He really CARES! On behalf of the Board of Education, we commend you and thank you for your dedication to the Killingly Public Schools.


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