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Don’t know what to buy the woman who needs nothing and has given you everything? Some tonics for her health and well-being might do the trick. Enjoy the following Mother’s Day • Spend a minimum of S$228 and get a box of Essence of Chicken with American Ginseng, Cordyceps and Huaishan Extract (6’s x 70g, worth S$32.90).
• Spend a minimum of S$428 and get 100g of Superior Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar (worth S$49.80).
• Spend a minimum of S$888 and get 150g of free Special Brew Imperial Golden Concentrated MAXI-CASH
been launched on television and print.
Dynasty Travel has been awarded a bronze in the Travel and Tourism category at the 11th Annual Horizon Interactive Awards for the company’s website. The international media awards event recognises the best in interactive media productions that also include mobile applications, online advertising and more. Dynasty Travel prides itself on its innovative use of technology to enhance the customer experience. Apart from an aesthetically pleasing and navigation- friendly website, the travel agency has an iDynasty iPhone application that allows individuals to search for holiday destinations on the go. The app is linked to the website and customers can also easily access FOR BABY SOFT SKIN
a rewards programme via either platform. The If you’re plagued by stretch marks and wondering why your skin seems Android application will be ready by the end of the to have lost its lustre and irmness, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Body Milk for Stretch Marks may ofer some help. The non-greasy In addition, customers can make payment online cocoa butter is absorbed easily and is said to help soothe itchiness, or through any AXS machine, eliminating the hassle reduce the appearance of stretch marks and hydrate skin for of going down to the agency to book a holiday.
iDynasty is available for download from the Apple App Store. Active ingredients include vitamin E which enhances the Visit www.dynastytravel.com.sg for more information.
protective capabilities of skin, soy lecithin which helps improve skin conditions and Bio C-Elaste, a blend of ingredients that helps diminish the appearance of stretch marks. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Body Milk for Stretch Marks KIEHL’S FOR LESS
(S$24.50) is recommended for stretch marks caused by weight luctuations. It will be available at the end of the month in leading pharmacies, personal care store and departmental stores. dropping its prices in Singapore for 21 of its best-selling products, including the Ultra Facial Cream (50ml, S$48, reduced from S$51), AN EGGY TALE
Scrambled, fried or half-boiled, enjoyed with latte or kopi, eggs are so much a part of our breakfast repertoire that it doesn’t hurt to look at what we’re eating. The latest on the block — Egg Story by The Pasteurized Egg Company, a subsidiary of a local egg producer. As the company’s name suggests, the selling point of these eggs is that they’ve gone through a patented pasteurisation process that kills any bacteria present outside and inside the eggs without altering the quality According to the company, the eggs are collected daily from hens that are fed a nutritious diet to ensure that what they lay are lower in cholesterol and fortiied with Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils, as well as vitamin E. The eggs are then sealed to share with its customers. Whatever the reason, it’s good news that you and your skin can delight in. Visit www.kiehlstimes.com for more information and

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Il testo dell’interrograzione Carrara - Al Ministro della salute - Premesso che: in Italia il metilfenidato - un noto psicofarmaco stimolante del sistema nervoso centrale, una meta- anfetamina precedentemente classificata come sostanza stupefacente al pari di eroina e cocaina - è stato reintrodotto sul mercato, assieme ad un altro farmaco psicoattivo (atomoxetina), e questi due prodotti


Dr. RA (GIARI, Waseda University, May 28th, 2010) <Q&A session> Q1. (Prof. Amako) While thinking about integration in Asia, how to think about China`s issue in China –Korea and China--Japan relation from your view? A1. I was really concerned with building up people to people relations and somehow creating an environment where we can work for common purposes like human rights. In the

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