Reaching the most
v ulnerable with
Yeshua’s name.
Dear Friend of Israel
For many, the opportunity to travel to Israel on a tour is a dream that never seemed
possible. It is an experience of a life time, to see the places where the people of the
stories you read once lived. It’s as if the archeological rocks cry out with tales of long
ago. It makes the bible come alive right before your eyes. Yet the people of Israel still
exist, really as the living stones as proof of God’s great faithfulness.
These people, these living stones are as real as those stories of the past. Many of
these people have needs, and if you travel to Israel you can be a partner in meeting
those needs.
Here is how a tour group can turn this trip into a blessing for God’s chosen people.
The Airline allows each traveler to take 2 pieces of luggage (50 lbs each). Pack one with your personal clothes and things you need to take. Pack the second one with humanitarian and medical supplies. In Israel we’ll make arrangements to take the supplies to a humanitarian aid distribution place, where you’ll get your luggage emptied and returned.
Imagine if 50 people took the extra piece of luggage (50 lbs) filled with humanitarian aid
supplies. That would come to 2500 lbs or over a tonne of medical and other
humanitarian supplies.
On the next page is a list of the most urgent supplies needed in Israel at this time.
Your group leader will make all the necessary arrangements with us in where to take it
once in Israel.
As always, we at Hope for Israel believe that poverty doesn’t discriminate so neither
do we. We give to all, be they Arab, Druze or Jewish people in need.
Blessed are those whose strength is in you, whose hearts are set on pilgrimage.
Many Blessing
Paul Klassen
Contributions can be made to this ministry by writing checks out to Hope for Israel and mailing them to:
Hope for Israel Relief Fund | P.O. Box 4463, Richmond VA 23220
Toll free 1-877-355-5779 | E-mail: hope4israel@juno.com
 Ambu Manual Resuscitators (Adult & Pediatric)  Latex Gloves (Medium, Large, & Extra Large)  Surgical Gloves (Smal , Medium, Large, &  Intubating Stylet 14 Fr w/lubrication for  Intubating Stylet 6 Fr w/lubrication for tracheal tube Irrigation Syringe 60cc Bulb  Vygon Needles (for respiratory distress  Glucometer strips for the following brands of  (Free Style/Dex/One-Touch/Free Style  Plastic Disposable Syringe + needles  Scalpel – stainless steel blade/disposable  Bandages (varies types and sizes refer to Misc SECONDRY PRIORITY LIST
 Anesthesia breathing circuits/equipment  Blood Pressure Cuffs/Monitor digital and  Adhesive on Plastic Rol s (various sizes)  Au wraps with clips (6" & 4")  Colored Walkers (tripod and square frames  Thermometer Probes Tracheotomy Care Kit Hip Protectors (Medium, Large, & Extra Large) Hope for Israel Relief Fund | P.O. Box 4463, Richmond VA 23220
Toll free 1-877-355-5779 | E-mail: hope4israel@juno.com
Other Supplies
 Pure Aloe Vera Gel (for burns)  Pain Relievers (over-the-counter only)  Polydine Ointment (or triple-antibiotic  Blood Oxygen Level Check Kits & Blood  First Aid Kits & Dry Emergency Packs  Hospital Sheets/Blankets/Pillows/Towels  Crutches & Wheel Chairs  Walkers and Canes  Baby Accessories (bottles, towels, bibs, etc.)  (For security reasons NO KNIVES/SHARP-  Liquid Nutritional Supplements  Sewing Items & Accessories  Shoes (new or in good quality condition)  Sleeping Bags / Bedding / Blankets / Pillows  Soaps: Antibacterial Liquid, Regular Bars  Bible story books for children in English ____________ (No pork products please)  Dried mixes, Tea mixes, Coffee, Soup Hope for Israel Relief Fund | P.O. Box 4463, Richmond VA 23220
Toll free 1-877-355-5779 | E-mail: hope4israel@juno.com

Source: http://www.missionm25.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/HFI-Medical-List.pdf


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