Case study & testimonial for chronic pain

Case Study & Testimonial for Chronic Pain
History of my Recovery from Pain !!!
This is so unbelievable, I'm still trying to believe it's real. But it is.
After searching for answers for five years, my partner Barry announced one day, "We're going to a
demonstration on these machines on Sunday". He'd told me about them before, but I don't think I
took him seriously enough. He'd talk about lightning bolts and loud noises and actually had me
quite frightened at the idea. Well, I went anyway because he was so convincing that this therapy
worked, and let's face it after his description anyone would be a little curious.
So we got there early and I had such a laugh to myself at the description I'd been given and my
perception of what it was going to be. It was nothing even close. Cristine offered to give me a
session on the machine before we started. After Barry had so eagerly raced to the machine to use it
on his back and neck, how could one refuse any way. Curiosity . well you know, the cat - that was
me. I felt the sensation in the muscles. I could feel like a tingling in the nerves I guess you'd say. It
did make a noise, but not like I'd imagined. It didn't hurt, but I could certainly feel where all the
damaged areas were. Cristine did the 3 protocols position 1, 2, and 3 and my low back only from
the back, each for 2 minutes. I was as thirsty as could be after the session and they'd told me to
drink water, so I did. I'm sitting there through the talk about the P.E.R. and I'm thinking . that pain
is getting better. Well I think within an hour it had gone from level 8 to about 4 ! - within two
hours, it was down to 2. Then the following Tuesday, I couldn't believe how good I felt. I'm a
ballroom/latin dance teacher still trying to finish my exams. Yeh, no one believes I can dance with
this pain, but if you want something badly enough, you'll break through and do it. The doctors
actually said if I could manage it, it would help keep the muscles going, and support my back, not
to mention the emotions. So yes, it hurt, it always hurt, didn't matter if I was dancing or whatever
and the movement made it better if anything.
So back to the story. I was really struggling with my lessons for this medal exam. Four latin
dances in a row. High speed, high level, lots of energy required. I was normally flat out getting
through the Samba let alone the others. (My teacher thinks I learnt to breathe that week) No, I
FEEL THE AIR IN MY LUNGS. THAT DAY WAS AMAZING. I danced the Samba, twice, the
Rumba, the Pasodoble, and then the Jive twice with barely a break between and I didn't even look
like stopping.
From there we decided to do the training weekend on 2nd November 2007. I was still feeling no
pain, this was about a week or so later. The Friday was good. Then half way through Saturday
Peter, a chiropractor looked at my back in an attempt to help find the source of the pain I was
feeling. I really appreciated his concern and his help, so please the result I'm going to describe is
just what happened. I thank Peter for what he did, it unravelled a little more of the mystery.
He verified, something was certainly causing pain, but I forgot to tell him never to do the slump
test. For whatever reason it triggers it, and sure enough I was in absolute agony by the end of
dinner. I could barely walk to the car. Next morning Barry urged me to try the P.E.R again, and
sure enough within the hour my pain had gone from about a nine to 0 !. So, I guess I'd been really
hurt my miracle wasn't such a miracle after all, but it was certainly close enough. Anyone who has experienced chronic pain will know five minutes without it is a blessing. We did the training, and we were convinced. If this machine was that good, we hoped we could afford to buy one, (well, the new car was crossed off the list - but hey, this is your life we're talking about here) and not only for me, but quietly Barry had someone very close to him, he'd love to help too, and we've heard so many amazing stories people tell about their cancers that just disappear, immune disorders that balance. These are people who've been told they only have months to live, and they're walking and talking a long time after that. Not only about getting over the disease they had, but other side effects like healing other things as well. (Not a medical claim)-- but maybe a miracle our own bodies are able to perform given the right tools and essentials. Either that or this machine really does do all these things. I certainly didn't hear any bad side effects from anyone. So we did the training and we bought the machine. Well ours took a little while to get here, and in the mean time I had my dance exam to do. One week before the exam I picked up some books that were a bit heavy, and hurt my back again. I could barely walk. I phoned Cristine in agony. We did three sessions on the P.E.R. that week. I saw John, the chiropractor, she'd recommended. He did a couple of sessions, which improved the range of motion beyond my wildest dreams. The P.E.R fixed the pain. John had his doubts I'd be dancing. Nothing was going to stop me. I've never achieved high marks for latin. I got Honours! That is amazing. I still don't believe it. That was December 12th. Our Machine arrived Christmas Eve. Thanks Santa! perfect timing. Since then we've both been using it for ourselves and haven't looked back. Soon as the back twinges, it's fixed. I'm now 95% pain free. That is incredible. Get this. My day, last Monday (It's now early February) 5 and half hours concreting (lots of forward bending) . big no no., 2 hours paperwork sitting at a computer. another no no, 2 and half hours latin dance teaching, and topped off with 2 hours ironing. That is unbelievable, but it's true. and NO Pain at all. Oh, except for my hand from belting the rock making stencil. (I did have guys doing the barrow and shovelling! But hey, that pain was gone in about an hour too. We'd done the P.E.R on Saturday before this for a couple of sessions. My foot had been sore so I did that in the morning only about 2 minutes, then lunchtime did the three protocols, position 1, 2, 3 and boxed the low back and 30 degrees out from the hip. All 2 minutes. The pain was in my knee too, so I'd given it a minute as well. Since this day has had the same result as my very first session, it seems for me the best results occur about 40 - 48 hours after the session, and probably with the three protocols as well as the area of pain. It's now Wednesday and I'm still fine. Did three hours dancing last night and another hour lesson yesterday morning as well. If anyone reading this has chronic pain, please try a P.E.R. I'm serious. this worked for me like nothing else did. The medical profession had run out of options, well other than the drugs I didn't want to take for obvious reasons. And if any of those who can test these things is reading this, the
sooner this becomes common medical practice the better. I can't see any side effects only amazing
stories of results. Medical testing takes so long, time is running out for so many people that this
technology could help and not only with pain. I think there's a lot more to it than that.
P.S. I forgot to mention the feeling in my right foot that had been numb down the side, came back
after one 2 minute session on my foot. I could feel it. I got a lot of my balance back for my dancing.
This makes a real difference.
But if anyone want's to contact me regarding severe pain, please email to this address.
I now counsell others in chronic pain. It does literally take your life away and I found answers that
gave mine back. I can't ever thank my friends, enough.
So thankyou to Jay Frew, Kiniesiologist - Jane Scarrett, spiritual kiniesiologist, - Peter Walters,
chiropractor - John Moore, chiropractor, and Cristine, Josh and Robert with the P.E.R. Above all I
can't not write Barry who did so much energy healing for me and tried so hard to make me better
and he did make me better by leading me to this machine.
Love you all.
Lyn Kildey

My Background History
47 year old female presented with a five year history of low back and right leg pain, numbness in
the outside of the right foot and lower calf - caused by lifting and twisting injury in December
2002. MRI scans at that time show severe L5/S1 right sided Disc prolapse, L4/5 disc prolapse and
L2/3 disc prolapse. Reports indicate referred pain to right shoulder, arm and hand. Frequent severe
headaches and neck pain, pain sensitivity & seizures with severe pain. Constant pain level average
8, raising to 10 at times. Aggravated by standing and sitting. Movement is beneficial. Treatment
prescribed - physiotherapy. Neurosurgery in December 2003 for prolapsed L5/S1, L4/5 and
herniated L2/3 spinal discs. Micro-Discectomy was performed on L4/5, and right sided L5
laminectomy. Post-surgery MRI (27.1.05) shows L5/S1 minimal residual central disc bulge,
minimal L4/5 central disc bulge with a tear in the anulus.
Post surgery symptoms were relieved for some weeks, but returned with the prognosis being that
the disc had impacted upon the nerve for a length of time sufficient to damage the nerve. Unable to
tolerate most pain medications. Allergic reactions to Tramal, Celebrex, Codiene, Severe reaction
to Amytriptilines (Endep) toddlers dose, 1 tablet caused hospitalisation for seizures. Pain
Management was recommended, but through several avenues proved unavailable. Possible
prednisone drug therapy, and possible Blomberg Injection technique. Drugs refused on the basis of
possibility of severe side effects.
After suffering considerable mental stresses coping with constant pain, loss of job, business, and
personal losses, diagnosed with depression and suicidal tendency. Help was sought for depression
through kiniesiology which has had good results with mental situation and limited successes with
the pain levels. Some short term limited success was achieved through physiotherapy and various
Natural Energy therapies.
Current symptoms as reported by Chiropractor Peter Walters 4.11.07 (supports theory of
physiotherapists, but not doctors who suggest Nerve Damage) (Peter couldn't treat me but
recommended others)

"Now has right Sac1 nerve to right little toe. SL(R) > 45 degrees. Bragg toe? kesnigs NIL,
lindners/SotoHall NIL, DTR's bilat.normal (L4 hyper) Toe and Heel Walk normal.
Acute Sac 1-2, (R)S.I.
D/D chronic severe right S1 nerve
CT & MRI evidently are all clear

Similar comments were made by Chiropractor John Moore in December of 2007 which also
support this theory as to the cause of pain.
John was able to achieve a greater range of motion that was better than I've ever had.
(Personally not sure what all the above means, other than they suspected that it was something to
do with the sacroiliac joint. A physio told me once with the missing/damaged discs, it is possible
this joint may jam and pinch the nerves and I've assumed this is what has happened. The theory
adds up with the severe pain in the back at times that would send me to the floor and slowly resolve
itself, which indicates something as pinching a nerve rather badly. I can also assume that whilst
I'm not moving, this joint may stay in place after it has been corrected, but this is not practical, and
therefore I've been recommended more chiropractic sessions as being beneficial. However I'm still
not sure where this theory fits in with the P.E.R. and it's amazing success on my pain levels, and
other than aggravating a situation of the damaged discs or maybe the sac joint, every now and then,
I have NO PAIN, and no dropping to the floor, no seizures, the feeling is back in my foot.
I can't explain it, but I know this machine did something totally different to any of the other
million things I tried, and it works.
I did do a lot of energy healing, and kiniesiology. I did do a lot of diet changes, lifestyle changes,
chiropractic help, tissue salts, so I'm suggesting all of this may have helped with such a good result.
My kiniesiologist says I was ready to give up my pain. Well maybe there's something in that too.
No it's not mind over matter. I couldn't think this type of result, believe me I tried.
This machine did something to change the way my body was thinking or acting or whatever. I
really don't care.
This is the Early history of my injury, just to prove it is real to the non-believers. I had so many MRI's and CT's and doctors reports, I lost track of the Natural Therapies I tried and so most of those aren't recorded. Summary of Work Absent Certificates Date Covered
30 11 02 Stirling Buchanan Chiropractor 30.11.02 to 07.12.02 Suffering low back strain, unfit for normal Cervical r sided lumbosacral disc protrusion symptomatic Claimant states caused by kneeling, lifting twisting, carrying heavy fabric roll Injury is consistent with stated cause Totally incapacitated for work Pre-existing factors – nil known Seeing Dr P. Winstanley Worker first seen on 04.12.02 Worker states caused by carrying, twisting and lifting Worker first seen on 10.01.03 Totally incapacitated for work Injury is consistent with stated cause R.Sided L5-S1 disc protrusion & R Sciatica Other as above At worker’s request, Return to work programme was approved under the guidance of O.T. Chris Birtles (physiotherapy & occupational therapy programme) Lumbar spine disc protrusion Lifting at work Injury is consistent with workers stated cause Totally incapacitated for work Lumbar disc protrusion awaiting surgery Bending and lifting roll of fabric Injury is consistent with stated cause On a separate issue cervicalgia is under evaluation Fit for suitable duties 14.11.03 to 05.12.03 anticipating surgery 08.12.03 Restricted duties – nothing repetitive at all, no lifting, carrying greater than 2.5kgs R or 7kgs L, no bending, twisting, squatting, little desk work only, No pushing, pulling. Up to 15 hours per week only. Totally incapacitated for work 08.12.03 to Convalescing after lumbosacral L4-5 microdiscectomy Worker states caused by carrying and heavy lifting at work Injury is consistent with stated cause Pre-existing factors – nil Totally incapacitated for work Treatment required 11.01.04 to 13.02.04 – physiotherapy – rehabilitation - strengthening R.Lumbar disc prolapse Lifting at work Injury is consistent with stated cause Totally incapacitated for work Treatment required 09.02.04 to 14.03.04 physio and rehab. As above Totally incapacitated for work Continue physio and rehab. R.L4/5 disc prolapse Lifting at work Injury is consistent with stated cause Totally incapacitated for work


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