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Ready to Quit!
• Don’t smoke in your home – Remove ashtrays, clean carpets, drapes, curtains, paint walls etc.
• Have a designated outside smoking area if necessary • Don’t smoke in car - clean & detail car• The only winner when you smokes is the TOBACCO • Take control of your health & empower your family with The Quit Plan – Let’s Get Started
Smoking is a Addiction & a Habit
• Write Your Reasons Quitting – Keep them for 1 year • Start Tracking Your Smoking Habits.
• What are your triggers? If possible avoid while quitting • Pick a Quit Date
• Schedule Your Cigarettes- You’ll smoke less The Risks of Just Tapering Down
• Most individual who cut back compensate by smoking differently • No way to know effect of even one cigarette on fetus – there is no Source: Treating Tobacco Use & Dependence: The OB?GYN Patient …Karen Hudmon, Dr. P.H.
Common Quitting Aides
NRT’s are quitting aides that contain nicotine. NRT is used to reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms in smokers who are trying to quit smoking. They DO NOT have all the harmful NRT does not contain the same amounts of nicotine found in cigarettes. However, it does reduce nicotine cravings and withdrawals in smokers who are trying to quit. This allows the smoker to focus more on the physiological reasons behind their Nicotine Replacement
Types of Nicotine Replacement Therapy – NRT
The Nicotine Patch - The patch resembles an oversized
adhesive band aid. The inside of the patch presses against the skin and slowly releases a small steady amount of nicotine • Nicotine Gum - The gum has a similar texture to regular
chewing gum. When the gum is chewed nicotine is slowly released into the mouth. Once the gum is “chewed” it should be parked or placed between the cheek and gum. It will continue to release nicotine at a very slow rate.
Nicotine Lozenge - The lozenge looks similar to a cough drop.
Similar to the gum the lozenge should be parked between the Prescription Quitting Aides
• Bupropion (Zyban) is a prescription antidepressant that is also
used to treat nicotine addiction. The drug reduces nicotine withdrawal symptoms and urges to smoke. It is also known as Zyban. Zyban can be used with nicotine replacement therapy. • Chantix (varenicline) is a prescription medication that helps
reduce cravings and urges to smoke cigarettes. It works by blocking the pleasant effects of nicotine (from smoking) on the brain. It comes in tablet form and taken by mouth.
Pregnancy & NRT
“Nicotine most likely does have adverse effects on the fetus during pregnancy. Although the use of NRT exposes pregnant women to nicotine, smoking exposes them to nicotine plus numerous other chemicals that are injurious to the woman and fetus. These concerns must be considered in the context of inconclusive evidence that cessation medications boost abstinence rates in pregnant smokers.”1 Clinical Practice Guidelines Recommendations: Effectiveness – Lack of sufficiently-powered, conclusive studies
Panel did not make recommendations regarding medications
during pregnancy.


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