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PRESENTATION OF SEC INNOVATIONS IN AUGSBURG 2013 4. TRENDS – last day Why SEC? Solution: Flexible and adaptable to your requirements. Economy: Energy efficient, long life expectancy, reliable Comfort: Good value for money, user friendly, lifetime assistance Why SEC and nobody else? Because we make THE elevator that, no one else can. How? For you we take special care of TRENDS, DESIGN, ENERGY EFFICIENCY and TECHNICAL INOVATIONS. Being your FUTURE. Today we will talk about the trends What are the trends in elevator world? It is not taking somebody into the third floor… It is having the technological solution that is reliable, cost efficient and focused on the comfort/outfit. We fulfil you. We are continuously innovating and finding new solutions to your specific requirements. Calculation according to the buildings projects We can offer you the support during the designing phase of new buildings and advise you which elevators suit best. All we need are the input data of the building and we can calculate the correct vertical transport systems, which will cover the needs of the users. We have the necessary knowledge and experience in this field. We also have many example projects so we can find similar solutions. With the use of this support we encourage you to enter the project during the designing period, so you can prepare a proposal offering the most suitable solution to the investors very early. A big advantage of this procedure is that elevator shafts or escalator openings will be made according to your drawings. Your success of selling them is already 90%. Energy efficiency – SEC uses only the top quality Upside down calculation – how much will the elevators costs the end client in 10 years of usage SEC wants to support you during to negotiation phase of the project as well. One of the most important things the end user wants to know is the real costs of the elevator and with SEC they can now calculate it. Since SEC produces the elevator and you install it and provide maintenance, we want to show the end customer not just how much the purchase of the elevator will cost but also the costs after it has been installed, so they can consider all expenses which will be connected with elevator in 10-year period. These expenses include original elevator material, installation costs, power consumption costs and maintenance cost for a 10-year period. If the customer wants to know 100% the expenses for 10 years, we can also offer fully comprehensive maintenance for 10 years which includes replacement material costs. This is very important information for the customer. Considering the overall cost of the elevator in the span of 10 years and comparing the same costs with other lift producers will show that (our) your offer is very cost-effective. SEC also guarantees you and the customers that we will always have the majority of spare parts on stock to be able to support you and insure the shortest delivery time. This brings us to happy users and of course happy maintenance staff (you staff). Do you know all about gearless machines? Gearless machines are top of the art and energy efficient. The partner SEC chose in this field is Ziehl Abegg. Gearless drive is not something new in the elevator field. But we need to keep in mind not all gearless drives are the same. They differ in efficiency, operation and expected life period. German producer Ziehl Abegg is the leading producer of these drives and this is one of the reasons why we have selected them as our partner. We have used their drives for several years and until now we have had zero problems. On the other hand we have very good technical support from them when we develop new elevators with best performances. Some advantages of Ziehl Abegg motors are: - hardened sheave, - eorld known Mayr and Warner brakes certified according A3 - Hedenhein EnDat encoders, - a variety models for elevators from 200 to 5000 kg payload. We know that Ziehl Abegg is the motor with best price / performance ratio and this approach is equal to the philosophy for our elevators. But most important … Comfort in ''the lifetime assistance'' – When you buy a product from us, we will always offer you assistance, even after the warranty period expires. We build lifts for life! The life time expectancy for SEC lifts is 25 years. So for this period we will give you assistance in how to handle it as well as how to adapt according to the latest discoveries (in case it is requested), and how to prolong its lifetime. In addition, after 25 years we will assist you on finding the best possible option to modernize it or replace it. WE OFFER all this! Just turn to us and SEC will provide it. Till now our customers have reacted is really. They can actually feel the comfort, they feel safe and they can relax knowing that they can always rely on us. We take care of you for life. For you we are following with the HEART. Being here for yor. Thank you


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Comparison of VACUETTE® Serum Gel tubes with Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM) in Serum Background: Greiner-Bio-One, Austria has sold plastic evacuated tubes (VACUETTE®) for venous blood collection VACUETTE® Gel Tubes incorporate an inert gel material into the blood collection tube. These gels have a controlled viscosity and a specific gravity intermediate to serum and clot. During ce

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