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(note that 6 cannot otherwise occur). No unit can have flags applied to it on three consecutive turns. Flags can only be applied to units that have an Inspiring leader and the leader is assumed to be stacked with the unit. If the unit takes a loss, the leader is eliminated from the game on dieroll of 2-4 instead of 2-3. After a unit stops being “inspired” it automatically disrupts. Augereau can Inspire the 4th and 51th Line DB. Gardanne: 32nd Line DB. Robert:75th Line DB. 36.1 Units and Stacking. Ignore the Initiative value Menard: 18th Line DB. Launay: 18th Light DB. printed on units. All Austrian units have morale 4, except Grenzers which have 3. All French units have 36.8 Initial Orders: French: Massena – Attack Stra and morale 4. Light infantry pays 1MP for woods hexes. the line Lorgnan-Colognola. Augereau–Attack Caldiero and Gombion. Austrian: Avantgarde – Defend towns in The stacking limit is 24 (twenty-four) strength points per hex. Trains count 20 towards the stacking limit and cannot enter hill and slope hexes except along roads or 36.9 Linear tactics. The Austrians of 1796 were still trails. The stacking limit in castles is 8; otherwise largely fighting with the linear tactics from the Seven Years’ War. As a result they are subject to the following rules: 36.2 Artillery. 3pdr artillery cannot bombard. All other artillery is halved when bombarding at any range (round Austrian infantry units have no ZOC (!) and must spend down). It is not possible to bombard up a slope from 1 +1 MP to enter a French unit’s ZOC. When within 3 hexes of an enemy unit, their movement rate is reduced by 1MP. They cannot stack with cavalry unless they are 36.3 Weather. From 13:00 onwards, the weather is only adjacent to at most one friendly infantry unit (i.e., Snowstorm – there is no advance after combat, artillery can only bombard adjacent hexes, and all morale values are reduced by 1. (The following restrictions do not apply to Jaegers and Grenzers.) The attacker is not reduced when assaulting 36.4 Demoralization. Demoralization is tracked by Austrians in a town. Austrian infantry can only advance division. Demoralization limits: French: Augereau 16, after combat when stacked with a leader and cannot Massena 16. Austrian: Avantgarde 14, Provera 16. 33.2 Army Demoralisation. The Austrian Army March orders are canceled before moving into the 3-hex Demoralisation level is 30, the French Army range instead of before moving adjacent. 36.10 Victory. Use the original victory conditions. 36.5 Command Arrangements. French OC is Bonaparte, his divisional leaders are Massena (MA) and Augereau (AU). Austrian OC is Alvinczy, divisional leaders are Hohenzollern and Provera. Piaczek’s hussars form a division that is subordinate to Hohenzollern. All orders in the game are divisional orders (and get the 1R shift). Because of the reduced unit scale, any OC can direct units without orders that are adjacent or in the same hex. The number of units is up to his command rating. Note: the French ‘R’ units arrive either with an AU or an MA leader; mark this division affiliation on the counter. Reductions apply to firing into that type of terrain. 36.6 Leaders and HQs. Remove all one-star leaders * … Including defender’s fire out of hex U from the countermix except Weyrother and Gardanne, who fulfil the role of HQ for their OCs. Gardanne can … Cannot bombard upslope at 1 hex range. also be sent to Inspire the 32nd Line, after which the Use this table instead of the one in the NLC rules. 36.7 Inspiring leaders. The French player is provided Caldiero 1796: published by No Turkeys. Design by Enrico Acerbi. with three “inspiration” flags. Each use of a flag increases the morale of a unit by 2 to a maximum of 6 This was one of the stranger refits due to the massive unit scale difference, but fortunately still using the same map scale and turn length! Since both the number of strength points and the number of steps have been roughly doubled, it is possible to use the normal CRT to play the game. Please don’t complain about minor scaling problems though. For those who wonder at the apparently immense stacking limit, note that units in this game are battalions! The La Belle Alliance scenario in Napoleon’s Last Battles covers about the same map area used for the Caldiero game, with about 10 times the troops involved.

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