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Treating Major Disease with Minor Formula
Honourable Academic Advisor of Zheng Ding Rehabilitation Health Centre in Hebei Intelligent Medicine (Hebei Science and Technology Publishing House 1992) Intelligent Medical Framework (Outstanding Paper Award” from the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1997) Intelligent Medical Overview (First prize paper in the 1997 International Native Medicine Technology Seminar and Exhibition) Body Space Medicine Exploration (Long paper collection) Mr. Guo Zhichen and his Exploration on Space Medicine (scholar treatise) Intelligent Medicine (Hua Shan Literature and Arts Press 1999) Intelligent Medicine sequel (Hua Shan Literature and Arts Press 1999) Space Medicine (Taiwan Liang Chen Publishing Co., Ltd. 2005) The world will be efficacious if speeches come along with truths. I say only efficacy is the truth. Practice is the criteria for examining truth. Guo Zhichen’s daughter jokes him as a White-brow knight. He practised medicine at the age of sixteen. At the age of forty, his brows turned white overnight. It could be the specially gifted wisdom and spirituality that made him famed from the Rehabilitation Health Centre which is located in Zheng Ding Xian in Hebei. One may well say the small shop owns “Ginseng”. Wang Run, a staff member of Shuyang Xian Insurance Company suffered from Hepatitis B for two years. He had admitted to hospital three times in three different hospitals and spent more then forty thousand yuans for medical fees but got no effect. After being hospitalized for 57 days in the Zheng Ding Health Centre, medical examination showed that all indicators were normal. Li Wenshen’s disease was diagnosed as hepatocarcinoma. He flew to Zheng Ding from Neimongu on a stretcher. After hospitalization and received medical treatment for 40 days, he could ride a bicycle. (He lives healthily till now.) An Shuyin contracted high position deep layer vasculitis and she was critically ill. A hospital applied amputation on her. However, she was cured in Zheng Ding and gave birth to a child afterward. Events came in succession. The Health Centre cured thousands of dubious and uncommon diseases. This can be seen in the following: A woman from Jin Xian Shijiazhuang contracted a strange disease. She had diarrhea very often and her most serious condition was having 23 times of diarrhea in one day. Her always be nimble tongue was unable to draw back after sticking out, and unable to stick out after drawing back. Her whole family worried very much about her. Dr. Guo Zhichen applied medicine treatment for her and taught her of a unique method to exercise her body. Her strange disease eliminated totally with less than a month’s time. Many of the so-called “incurable disease” cancer, were cured in this Health Centre. Gao Yumei who originally was the factory director of an automobile accessory manufactory in Huaianshi, Jiangsu suffered from B cell Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma which turned to terminal leukemia after five years. Zuo Chuanming who is a retired senior engineer from Daqing Oil Field was diagnosed of having terminal pancreatic head cancer by his local hospital. Both of them told the reporter personally that Dr. Guo Zhichen gave them a second life. Zuo Chuanming was even interviewed by Shanxi TV and China Central Television (CCTV). The content of the interview was recorded on the internet. While the reporter was doing the interview at Zheng Ding Rehabilitation Health Centre, he saw peoples coming form different province cities across the country including Taiwan, and some of them coming from overseas including USA and Canada. Some of them were coming for medical treatments; some were patients that were diagnosed as suffering from major diseases or incurable diseases by big hospitals; some of them were coming for asking Dr. Guo to teach them medicine. They came in groups of ten some persons or scores of persons for the purpose of learning, propagandaing and promoting Guo’s medical treatment. Whether coming for medical treatment or learning, they all left healthily and happily and re-devoted themselves in the brilliant life or work. Guo’s medicine had never been advertised in Zheng Ding. However, word-of-mouth made the Health Centre as busy as the market place and patients swarming in could always be seen. Some of the cured patients brought their family taking long journey to come for expressing their gratitude to Dr. Guo who rescued them. There are also strength revitalized patients brought their children there for learning medical skill from Dr. Guo. “To practise medicine is to exercise the skill of benevolence”. For patients who led difficult lives, the Zheng Ding Xian Rehabilitation Health Centre which is led by Dr. Guo Zhichen will provide them with free medical treatment. In comparing with those hospitals which use medicine as mechanism for harming patients, there is all the difference in the world. As every one can see, patients come here for medical treatment need not to make any booking and there is no specialist out-patient unit; there is no need to do any B-mode ultrasound scanning, Computed Tomography (CT) scanning, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), blood testing, urine testing etc.  In regarding to the two points aforesaid, patients can save several tens, may be several hundreds or thousands of yuans in the medical fees. Observing the patients’ appearance, listening to what the patient said, asking the patient questions and feeling the pulse of the patient” are the four main methods to diagnose disease in Chinese traditional medicine. The Chinese medical diagnosis in Zheng Ding Xian Rehabilitation Health Centre is simplified to “tongue inspection” which is simple and accurate  Dr, Guo Zhichen takes photo of the patient’s tongue with a digital camera and enter the photo immediately into a computer. He then analyzes the change in the condition of tongue proper through the photo, and it is not necessary to take pulse examination. The type of disease can be identified within a moment. After tens of year medical practice, Dr. Guo Zhichen considered the tongue is the epitome of the whole human body. It reflects the changes of substance and energy of the human body as well as the position and cause of the disease. Thus prescription can be made according to the tongue condition with strong focusing. Computerization is introduced to the Chinese medicine in this Health Centre and a brand new medicine space is then developed. The achievement of Dr. Guo’s medical practice is shown from the word-of-mouth from those who had received medical treatment. Only the doctor consultation in one process already helps patients in getting away from being fatigued by going up- and down-stairs for examinations in different sections. The speedy disease identification further helps those patients who have difficulty in medical consultation saving the medical expenses. Dr. Guo Zhichen is really fulfilling his commitment of “Serving the public relies on reality, sincerity and never imposing false treatment upon the public”. The most prominent feature of the “Treating Major Disease with Minor Formula” is never use large multiple types of medicines. There will be three or four types of Chinese medicine in one prescription and five or six types of medicine prescriptions are rarely seen. Majority of the medicine cost three to five yuans for a dose. Only a few of the prescriptions cost more than ten yuans for a dose. So applying medicine for half a month usually costs less than a hundred yuans  this is appropriate for the mass. So the characteristics of “Treating Major Disease with Minor Formula” are simple in medicine application, economical, speedy and effective. Currently the existences of people who have difficulty in medical consultation and hospitalization are common in the world. There are even people in some of the regions are waiting for death due to lacking money for medical consultation. However, these phenomena will never occur in Zheng Ding. Most of the patients seeking medical consultation from Zheng Ding Xian Rehabilitation Health Centre were common people, many of them were critically ill or leading a difficult life, most of them were cured and returned home. The core philosophy of the Zheng Ding Rehabilitation Health Centre which is led by Dr. Guo Zhichen is “Taking innovative medicine as the top priority in order to strike off the stereotyped pattern”. The most major innovation there is treating major disease with minor formula. The Health Centre takes consideration of the mass all the time, and serves the public practically. It is recognized by the community that “Chinese medicine is much more than a so-called ‘applicable science’; it is the essence of life and essence of nature, as well as the road of culture.” The Body Space Medicine explored by Dr. Guo Zhichen accentuates that “Both the problems of physiology and pathology are problems of body functionality, it includes three contents of preventive medicine, iatrology and health preservation”  These are the essence of space medicine, and it is derived from the same origin as traditional Chinese medicine. This is a new development from the inherited technology. Chinese medical professionals consider that “Human being possesses the instinct of adjusting the disharmony and resolving the disease. Chinese medical treatment is to redeploy this instinct. Chinese medicine is the guideline of human conduct in addition to knowledge of curing disease. It is human-based, disease-targeted. The morbidity course conception-positioning of the “Body Space Medicine” explored by Dr. Guo Zhichen is: The physical features of the most basic as well as the most fundamental physical activity are controlled by the internal organs, system or even the whole human body which are constituted by cell groups with the same or similar functions, while inter-restricted, they are also in integrated coordination, and complete the activities cooperatively. This is the actualization of the various mechanisms in human life and physiology  they are the integration of Nature and Man and integration of human nature and heaven nature which are derived form the same origin. They are fully developed and innovated. To releasing potential is an oriental virtue. So, to innovate a new way to help Chinese medicine soaring in the world is the thing that Dr. Guo wants to do. The world renowned scientist Qian Xueshen, the father of atom bomb in China believed that: “The development of Chinese medicine will ultimately arouse revolution in scientific technology  this scientific revolution will be another major event same as the Renaissance in history.”  Dr. Guo Zhichen practices and explores medicine follow the essence of tradition. He issued the Body Space Medicine which emphasizes on treating major disease with minor formula. He also introduced computerization into Chinese medical diagnosis and treatment to revolute and innovate Chinese medicine. The new diagnosing method and measures are still growing; this is coping with the existing overall trend of establishing a harmonious society, and the prospect is brilliant and glorious. Art photography: Bai Jinke Calligraphy contribution: Ma Changzhu (Poem on page 3) Intend to practice deception To stride across the three worlds In the boundless condition only me With the soul inside the body watching the illusion Everyone’s relation with the nature is different The King’s is different from the minister’s; the master’s is different from the servant’s One cannot be contented by thinking of the right and wrong One will be successful by striding across the form and structure Strike off the stereotyped pattern Taking innovation as the top priority Hebei Province Zheng Ding Xian Rehabilitation Health Centre Telephone: 0311-88789597 86613651 Fax: 0311-88787509 Website: Email:


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