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1. Children with asthma are welcomed in this School, and staff wish to exercise 2. On entry, the Head wil ask if the child has asthma and if so, wil ask the parent to complete the form (appendix A) – which wil be returned to the child's classteacher and kept in the appropriate classroom. The parent wil be given a copy of "Take Control of Asthma" 3. Lynn Hand, as the School's Health & Safety Representative, has agreed to store the medication safely. Marion Cronin and Sue Saunders (first aiders) are qualified to administer medication if necessary. They have access to the child's asthma card (appendix A). 4. The parents/carers of children suffering from asthma wil be requested to accompany their children on any outings/trips. 5. All staff should familiarise themselves with the difference between Preventative Pound Park Nursery School - Asthma Policy PREVENTATIVE DRUGS:


These give almost immediate relief of mild asthma symptoms. They are usual y blue
inhalers - blue = relief. The most common names are Ventolin, Bricanyl, salbutamol.
Again it is important that asthmatic children know to ask an adult for access to these
Relief Drugs: Usual y Blue Inhalers

Metered Dose Inhaler (blue), Metered Dose Inhaler with Nebuhaler spacer Salbutamol Metered Dose Inhalers (not always blue) Aerolin Some children may be using the same medicines in syrup or tablet form: these act more slowly - hours rather than minutes (Ventolin, Volmax, Bricanyl, Salbutamol). There are some syrups or tables which belong to the theophyl ine family. These are usual y prescribed in order to control severe asthma. They may cause behaviour and learning problems and nightmares, and in some cases, can cause children to wet themselves. Pound Park Nursery School - Asthma Policy HOW TO DEAL WITH AN ASTHMA ATTACK
1. Keep calm. It's treatable.
2. Let the child sit down: don't make them lie down.
3. Let the child take his usual treatment - normally a blue inhaler.
(This should be in the care of Marion Cronin). If the child has forgotten their inhaler, and you do not have prior permission to use another inhaler . . * summon the parent/carer * failing that, call the family doctor * check the attack is not severe - see below 4. Wait 5-10 minutes 5. If the symptoms disappear, the child can go back to what they were doing. 6. If the symptoms have improved, but not completely disappeared, summon the parents and give another dose of inhaler while waiting for them. 7. If the normal medication has had no effect, see severe asthma attack.
What is a severe asthma attack?
Any of these signs mean severe;
* normal medication does not work at all.
* the child is breathless enough to have difficulty in talking normal y.

How to deal with a severe attack
1. Call the parent/carer. Failing that,
2. Call the family doctor.
3. Ask them to come immediately.
4. If he cannot come, cal an ambulance, alternatively take the child, with another
adult, to the nearest hospital casualty department straight away and get someone to warn them you are coming. 5. Get someone to inform the parents. 6. If the child has an emergency supply of oral steroids (prednisolone, prednesol) give the stated dose to the child NOW.
7. Keep trying with the usual reliever inhaler, and don't worry about possible Pound Park Nursery School - Asthma Policy

Source: http://webfronter.com/greenwich/poundpark/ff_files/about_us/Policies/images/Asthma_Policy.pdf


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