18 APRIL 2013


Cr Karl Saleh (Chairperson), Cr Linda Eisler, Mr Andy Sammut, Ms Lisa Giacomelli, Ms
Joanna Stobinski, Ms Roberta Chavez, Mr Tung Van Duong, Ms Pauline Gallagher, Mr
James Liu, Mr Sam Pambris, Mrs Asha Ramzan, Mr Shamin Shamsuzzaman, Sr Kalo
Sikimeti and Ms Sung Pak.
Other: Rebecca Williamson
Apologies on behalf of Mr Bosco Chang, Ms Roewaa Elsayed, Mr Rashed Haque, Ms Liz
Messih, Mr Najwa Rachid and Ms Bintu Sesay were received and accepted.
The minutes of the meeting held on 4 December 2012 were taken as read and confirmed.
A letter of resignation was received by email from Mr Najwa Rachid of Arrahman Islamic
Centre for personal reasons. The Arrahman Islamic Centre will be contacted seeking a
replacement representative from the organisation.
It was noted that nominations will be open to other organisations if no replacement member is
nominated from Arrahman Islamic Centre.
Ms Nickie Falmbouras, Multicultural Programs Manager of AFL NSW/ACT requested to
make presentation at this meeting however, she did not attend. This organisation has been
given a previous opportunity to present at our MAC meeting as well as this occasion and have
failed to attend. The Committee recommended that opportunities to present be given to other
A letter was received from the Colomban Mission Institute seeking our collaboration on a
community-focused program called “RESPECT – Religions, Ethnicity, Self, People Ecology,
Community, Trust” in the City of Canterbury. The program promotes the reduction of
barriers of prejudice and ignorance and promoting better relations between communities.
MAC is already working on the inter-faith strategy which was discussed at the Strategic
Planning Day. It was agreed that we would respond to the Colomban Mission Institute stating
that we cannot collaborate with them on this occasion due to our current commitments.

Support for Emerging Community Organisations and ECRC
There are number of developments regarding the ongoing support of the ECRC by the City of
Canterbury. ECRC groups had been referred to a grant application workshop that was
delivered on 6 February 2013 in the ECRC office. A parenting program for Sierra Leone
young mothers is being arranged with the Tresillian Family Care Centre and train the trainer
18 APRIL 2013
mental health workshops for ECRC leaders are being discussued with Transcultural Mental
Health Centre of NSW. A workshop in project planning and management may also be
arranged in the second half of 2013.
The ECRC office was visited by the staff from Community Relations Commission of NSW
who became interested in the model of operation of this facility and certain aspects of the
model will be considered in the development of other community facilities in Sydney.
The case study of the Emerging Communities Resource Centre will also be incorporated in
the 2013 Community Relations Report published by the Commission.
It was noted that fostering relationships between communities in ECRC is important but also
it is important these communities develop relationships with outside organisations and
Application to seek funding for a part-time worker was submitted to the Federal government
under the Diversity and Social Cohesion Program. We need resources to make the project
grow and funding is essential.
Sr Sikimeti thanked the Committee for supporting the project.
City of Canterbury Inter-faith Reference Group
There was a successful meeting held on 18 February 2013 with a small group of religious
leaders who discussed the broad concept of the program.
It was stressed that the key approach to our inter-faith strategy needs to be “local solutions to
local problems” with a focus on creating opportunities to communicate and work together to
build relationships. The leaders can provide connections between communities so that
communities communicate better.
Inter-faith programs have already been happening in our local community for some time but
we need to define the framework for this work. Organisations like Muslim Women’s
Association are running programs that bring together Christian with Muslim faith and
Aboriginal spirituality with Islamic faith tradition to work together.
It was agreed that providing opportunities for different community members to gather and
socialise is essential to understand each other and create respect.
The next inter-faith meeting will be held on 6 May 2013 and the Committee suggested that
each meeting be held in different places of worship such as a Mosque for the next meeting
and a Catholic Church for the following meeting. It was also suggested that the group decide
on the program name whether it should be called inter-faith reference ‘group’ or ‘forum’.
Three more religious leaders (Catholic Church, Anglican & Pentecostal Church) have
forwarded their expressions of interest to join the group and an Aboriginal Elder from
Canterbury Aboriginal Advisory Group has agreed to participate. More representation needs
to sought from Presbyterian Church, Uniting Church, Buddhist and Hindu faith traditions.
It was recommended to apply for funding for project facilitation under Community Inclusion
Grants program of Community Relations Commission of NSW which closes on 29 March
18 APRIL 2013
MAC Strategic Planning Day
The MAC Strategic Planning Day was held on 27 February 2013. The aim of the activity was
to develop a clear direction for the Committee’s is achievements in 2013 and to determine
what support they require to achieve their goals.
It was a successful Strategic Planning Day with effective discussions taking place. The
Committee was divided into two separate groups and they identified priority issues and
discussed proposed programs. It was commented by both groups that it is inspiring to work
with people who have a vision and commitment and who are strategic about the work we do.
THAT the proposed 2013 MAC Strategic Plan be endorsed for implementation.

Committee Induction Program
There were two induction sessions held in February 2013 at Belmore Senior Citizens Centre
for all Advisory Committee members to attend.
Special thanks were expressed to the Committee members who attended the induction
sessions and for those who could not attend an induction program, an information package
was distributed.
Alternate Options for Immunisation Services
This matter was reported at the last meeting and the Committee recommended writing to
NSW Refugee Health Service seeking alternative options to provide immunisation services
which are no longer available through our Council.
The Council endorsed our Committee’s recommendation and a letter will be forwarded to
NSW Refugee Health Service requesting that the introduction of immunisation services at the
Canterbury Refugee Nurse Clinic, based at Canterbury Area Health Centre, be expedited.
Harmony Day Film Festival
Multicultural Film Festival, Colourfest will be held on 26 and 27 March 2013 at Campsie
Library. The festival is to celebrate Harmony Day and there will be eight short films shown in
one hour session which showcase the talents of multicultural film makers in Australia. Each
film is unique with a different theme. An invitation was sent out to various organisations to
attend the event. A copy of the Colourfest DVD will be stored in the library to be shown to
people who are enrolled in the Library Service’s English classes and will be provided on loan
to the Skills, Training and Recruitment Service (STARS) for screening during 2013 Volunteer
Week in May.
Operation Out and About
Operation Out and About is a program initiated by NSW Department of Attorney General and
Justice which is trying to address issues of community safety. We have received funding of
$50,000 under the above program to implement the theft prevention strategy in our City. A
range of communities are impacted by crime of robbery or stealing from a person and six
targeted spots have been chosen specifically in our city. The six targeted spots are Beamish
Street, Ninth Avenue and Evaline Street in Campsie and Croydon, Fairmont and McDonald
Streets in Lakemba.
18 APRIL 2013
Unfortunately, the funding is not available until a detailed project strategy is put forward to
the department and the University of Technology Sydney has been selected and agreed to
conduct the theft prevention audit and prepare a full project strategy.The cost of this work will
be allocated mainly from Corporate Services budget and the Community Safety Committee
budget. An extra $10,200 is still required to commence the project. It was recommended that
$2,500 could be contributed toward the program from MAC’s budget.
As the wider community will benefit from this project, it was suggested that other relevant
Advisory Committees be approached for their support.
The Committee questioned the targeted spots being selected from Central and West Wards
and the audit process which will not involve any areas in East Ward. It was explained that the
NSW Department of Attorney General and Justice has been very specific about funding
criteria based on statistics and results of higher crime activities in some local areas and those
six targeted spots were selected on that basis.
A contribution of $2,500 from Council’s 2012-2013 Multicultural Advisory Committee Budget be provided to the planning component of Operation Out and About. A report be provided to the Committee on the progress of the project at the next meeting.
Calendar of Events
The updated calendar of events was distributed at the meeting.
Community Safety Consultation held by the Community Relations Commission of NSW
A community safety consultation for Canterbury-Bankstown region was held at Lakemba on
17 September 2012. It was part of a series of community safety consultations organised by
the Community Relations Commission and held across Western Sydney. The information on
the outcome of the consultation was distributed at the meeting.
Anne Latu Sikimeti Award for Multiculturalism
Council endorsed the proposal to establish Anne Latu Sikimeti Award for Multiculturalism at
its meeting on 14 February 2013. The award is named after a former member of the
Committee and local multicultural worker, who passed away in October 2011. The award will
be awarded to individuals, groups or organisations that promote and foster cross-cultural co-
operation and multicultural harmony.
Nominations and selection procedures are currently being prepared.
Nominations currently being received for ZEST Awards 2013 at the Western Sydney Community Forum. ZEST Awards are awarded to individuals or groups of people who are nominated for outstanding community services or for their contribution to the community. More information is available at www.wscf.org.au. Western Sydney Community Forum is looking for mentees who could join their CALD Worker Mentoring Project of 18 months duration. Applications for Expression of Interest is available on COUNCIL MEETING
18 APRIL 2013
Sr Sikimeti has resigned from her job at the Catholic University and has taken a voluntary job to work with the South Pacific community. She enjoys opportunities to help and work with disadvantaged women and youth at the ECRC. Greek Festival will be held at Darling Harbour on 16-17 March 2013. Aus-Bangla Cultural Society extended their invitation to MAC members and local community groups for a cultural talent night on 4 May 2013 at Lakemba Senior Citizens Centre. Riverwood Community Festival to be held on 9 March 2013. Variety of activities are organised for family including snake show and other entertainment. There are a number of consultation sessions being organised by NSW Health Sydney Local Health District and Inner West Medicare Local. Separate sessions are organised for community organisations and groups of consumers, carers and volunteers between 12 March to 28 March 2013 in different locations. Please refer to email from Capacity Development Officer – Diversity. “Guide to Employment for Migrants” - Information on industrial support and training for job searching migrants is available on www.training.nsw.gov.au. The meeting closed at 8.10 p.m.
The next meeting of the Committee has been scheduled for 1 May 2013 at 6.00 p.m. in the
Function Room, 137 Beamish Street, Campsie.
18 APRIL 2013

Source: http://www2.canterbury.nsw.gov.au/meetings/resources/documents/CL18413ACItem4.pdf

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