Cemseal e100cr

Cemseal E100CR
High Performance Chemical Resistance Epoxy Coating Your Construction Chemical Partner
The Product
Cemseal E100CR is a 100% solid, pigmented, two component solvent-less epoxy coating. It is highly chemical resistant to acids, alkalis and a wide range of chemicals.
Cemseal E100CR is designed for using as a concrete and steel protective coating as the thickness of 0.3mm-1.0mm. Specially in extremely corrosive areas where resistance to 99% Glacial Acetic Acid and 70% Sulfuric Acid or other strong caustics is needed. It makes the industrial floors dust-free, easily cleanable, joint-less and good abrasion resistance.
Food & beverage industry where using high concentrate organic acid forcleaning process.
Other industrial sectors where a chemical resistantenvironment is required Advantages
Exhibits excellent resistance to strong acids, alkalis, and most industrialchemicals and solvents Economical to use due to its easiness and time saving Good workability for easy and fast application( Subjected to approve by Cemseal Technical advice ) Technical & Physical Data
0.30mm thick - 0.40kg/m21.00mm thick - 1.25kg/m2 Cemseal Industries Sdn Bhd
12 months of kept in a cool dry sheltered place T +607-558 3320
F +607-556 9127
E info@cemseal.com.my
Method of Statement
NEW CONCRETE : The surface must be firm, dry, clean, free of dirt, oil, grease and all other foreign matter. The age of new concrete must be at least 28 days and a minimum tensile strength of 200 psi is required of the prepared surface before coating. Mechanical methods such as short blasting, scarifying or sand blasting should be carried out to remove the weak layer of surface laitance. EXISTING CONCRETE : The surface must be existing structurally sound, dry and free of all contaminants. Weak or contaminated concrete must be remove until sound concrete is realized. Old coating, toppings, waxes, oils etc must be removed by mechanical methods. Apply by roller one coat of Epoxy Penetrating Primer. On porous or unevensubstrate, epoxy mortar or epoxy filler coat to be applied prior to protectivecoating, to prevent the bubbles.
Cemseal E100CR is supplied in pre-weighed and blended units. First pour the liquid Component A into a suitable container and stir with a slow speed paddle stirrer. Slowly, add Component B until a consistent colour is achieved.
Apply the mixed Cemseal E100CR compound onto the preparedfloor and an intermittent period of 8 hours should be allowedprior to the subsequent coats. Cemseal E100CR epoxy resincoating can be applied either by roller, spray or brush.
For Self-Smoothing application, pour the mixed material on to the primed substrate, spread with a trowel or squeegee to the desired thickness and coverage rate and allow it to self-level. The material must be rolled with a spike-rolled on completion to remove and release any air entrapped in the system. Rolling must be done immediately after placing the material. Do not attempt to float the setting surface.
Do not apply over moisture, in damp or wet concrete or risingdampness conditions. Do not thin with solvents.
The application of Cemseal E100CR is not possible at below15˚C and on frozen surface.
For Further
Cemseal Industries Sdn Bhd (Company No. 884153-T)
No. 9 & 11, Jalan Besi, Taman Sri Putri, 81300 Skudai, Johor, West Malaysia. Tel : 607-558 3320, Fax : 607-556 9127, E-mail : info@cemseal.com.my First Aid
In case of contact with eyes, skin or body wash immediately with clean fresh water or stand under shower and wash off. In case of inhaling of vapor or ingestion remove to fresh air and do not induce vomiting. Obtain immediate medical treatment.
Statement of
The technical information and application advice given in this Cemseal publication are based on the present state of our best scientific and practical knowledge.
As the information herein is of a general nature no assumption can be made as to a products suitability for a particular use or application and no warranty as to its accuracy, reliability or completeness either expressed or implied is given other than those required by law. The user, is responsible for checking the suitability of Field service where provided, does not constitute supervisory responsibility. Suggestions made by Cemseal either orally or in writing may be followed, modified or rejected by the owner, engineer or contractor since they, and not Cemseal are responsible for carrying out procedures appropriate to a specific application.
Cemseal E100CR
Your Construction Chemical Partner
Cemseal Industries Sdn Bhd
Taman Sri Putri,81300 Skudai, Johor,West Malaysia T +607-558 3320
F +607-556 9127
E info@cemseal.com.my

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