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Following is the Oak Harbor Police Department Calls for Service for the period of 6:00 a.m. on 02/26/13 to 6:00 
a.m. on 02/27/13. 
02/28/13 OAK HARBOR POLICE 592 08:23 Law Incident Media Summary Report, by Date Page: 1 Number Nature Date -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13-O01869 Alarm Commercial 07:24:05 02/26/13 SE 8TH AVE AUDIBLE COMMERCIAL BURG ALARM COMING FROM BOX TAMPER. NO CALLOUTS SO FAR -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13-O01870 Trespass Other 07:28:04 02/26/13 SE BARRINGTON DR ADVS HBD MALE SLEEPING IN LAUNDRY AREA BY THE SODA MACHINE AND THEY WOULD LIKE HIM TO BE TOLD TO LEAVE EMPLOYEE IS SCARED TO TALK TO HIM HERSELF -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13-O01872 Theft 08:42:33 02/26/13 NE ELLIS WAY REQ PH CALL REF HIS KEYS STOLEN FROM THE DOOR OF HIS APT THIS MORNING -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13-O01873 Suspicious Person/Circumstance 08:57:43 02/26/13 SE BAYSHORE DR REPORTS SUSP MALE WEARING A SKI MASK, BLUE JACKET, BLUE JEANS IS NOW ON THE BUS. WAS INITIALLY SITTING ON THE BIKE RACK WHICH THE RP FOUND HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS. RP WENT ON TO SAY HE IS GOING ON A NAVY TOUR TODAY AND WILL BE INCOMMUNICATO -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13-O01874 Alarm Residence 09:02:07 02/26/13 SW SCENIC HEIGHTS ST AUDIBLE RES BURG ALARM SIDE DOOR,GARAGE CARPORT,GENERAL ALARM. SPOKE WITH HOMEONER ON HER CELL OUT OF TOWM, NOBODY HOME AND NOBODY SHOULD BE THERE. NO ONE AVAIL TO RESPOND -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13-O01875 Suspicious Person/Circumstance 09:43:49 02/26/13 SE BAYSHORE DR RP FOUND A PAIR OF PANTS INSIDE OUT, CELL PHONE & WALLET AT LOCATION AT THE GAZEBO RP WILL WAIT THERE TO SHOW OFFICERS WHERE HE FOUND THEM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13-O01876 Animal 10:09:34 02/26/13 CASCADE CIR STRAY DOG IN BACKYARD - PITBULL MIX - NO TAG OR COLLAR - NOT ACTING AGGRESIVE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13-O01877 Threatened Suicide 10:36:30 02/26/13 NW FALLS CREEK LOOP REPORTS HER FRIEND JUST TOOK A BUNCH OF PILLS, LORAZAPAN & POSS EFFEXOR -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13-O01878 Theft 11:44:36 02/26/13 NW CROSBY AVE IN LOBBY TO REPORT ITEMS STOLEN OFF HIS PORCH AND UTILITY CLOSET YESTERDAY -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13-O01879 Suspicious Person/Circumstance 11:58:10 02/26/13 WILDCAT WAY CASE GENERATED -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13-O01880 Assist Agency 12:09:03 02/26/13 SE 11TH AVE REQ ASSIST W/CONTACTING SUBJECT. RECEIVED INFO SHE IS UNDER INFLUENCE OF HEROIN -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13-O01881 Vice Liquor HBD 12:24:07 02/26/13 SW ERIE ST OUTSIDE LOC ON SIDE 2 HOMELESS MEN ARE HBD, ASSOCIATE HAS ASKED THEM TO LEAVE AND THEY ARE REFUSING. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13-O01882 MVA Unk Injury 12:25:13 02/26/13 SR 20 & SE PIONEER WAY RP ADVSG FEMALE WAS HIT IN THE HEAD BY OBJECT FLUNG FROM MOWER-STAKE TENT - APPEARS TO BLEEDING FROM THE HEAD -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13-O01883 Suspicious Person/Circumstance 12:43:55 02/26/13 NW CROSBY AVE RP ON A WALK, SAYS THE DOORS ARE COMPLETELY OPEN, HEAT ON IN THE HOUSE & LOCKS HAVE BEEN REMOVED FROM THE DOORS. EVICTION NOTICE ON THE WINDOW -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13-O01884 Assist Agency 13:23:45 02/26/13 NE 6TH AVE MOTHER LYING DOWN NOT RESPONDING IS BREATHING -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13-O01885 Verbal Domestic 14:12:40 02/26/13 SW KIMBALL DR CAN HEAR MALE FIGHTING OR YELLING AT LOCATION, RP WASNT SURE OF UNIT # THE MALE IS SAYING SOMETHING ABOUT CHEATING AND A FEMALE YELLING TOO THE MALE WAS TOLD TO LEAVE BY THE FEMALE, HES BEEN WAITING IN HIS CAR -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13-O01886 MVA Non-Injury 15:16:44 02/26/13 SR 20 NOW PARKED IN PLOT, HEAD ON VEHICLE ACCIDENT SLOW IN : NO INJURY -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13-O01887 VEHICLE ABANDON 15:25:34 02/26/13 SE GLENCOE ST REQ CONTACT FOR A HULK VEH SIGN OFF -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13-O01888 Assist Public 15:53:35 02/26/13 NW CROSBY AVE REQ PH CALL REF BEING ARRESTED FOR DWLS & DUI & WANTS TO HAVE PICTURES TAKEN OF HIS INJURIES. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13-O01889 Suspicious Person/Circumstance 16:03:53 02/26/13 NW 7TH AVE & NW ENSIGN DR FROM NW 7TH TO NW ENSIGN, ON ENSIGN THERE IS THE NEXT ROADWAY SHE DOES KNOW THE NAME OF, BROWN HOUSE ON CORNER, 5 OR 6 "YOUTHS" RP COULD NOT PROVIDE DESCRIPTIONS SAID THEY WERE HANGING OUT AND IT LOOKED SUSPICIOUS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13-O01890 MVA Non-Injury 16:06:14 02/26/13 SR 20 PLOT ACCIDENT, RP STRUCK ANOTHER VEH, BOTH PARTIES WILL WAIT FOR LE, NO INJURY -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13-O01891 General Traffic 16:07:40 02/26/13 SE ELY ST; BETWEEN CABOT & WHIDBEY SE ELY WILL BE CLOSED ON THE 4TH & 5TH DUE TO CONSTRUCTION. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13-O01895 General Traffic 18:06:46 02/26/13 SW 24TH AVE & SW NAVIGATOR LOOP RP ADVSG VEH CONTINUES TO PARK IN FRONT OF FIRE HYDRANT AT LOCATION -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13-O01896 Alarm Commercial 20:51:34 02/26/13 SE MIDWAY BLVD AUD FROM OIL CHANGE MOTION. UNABLE TO CONT KEYHOLDER. NO ANSWER INSIDE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13-O01897 Suspicious Person/Circumstance 20:54:28 02/26/13 NE 16TH AVE RP CAN HEAR SUBJS IN THE UPSTAIRS APT FROM HER. STATES NOBODY RESIDES UPSTAIRS. CAN HEAR WALKING, NO VOICES. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13-O01898 Court Order Violation 21:58:38 02/26/13 SW SCENIC HEIGHTS ST REQ PHONE CALL REF HAS AN ORDER AGAINST SUBJECT/VIOLATED THE ORDER BY CALLING RPS MOTHER AND ASKING FOR RP ADDRESS AND WHERE SHE LIVED --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13-O01899 Verbal Domestic 23:51:58 02/26/13 NE 6TH AVE WANTS HIS 26 YO SON OUT OF THE HOUSE. THE SON JUST GOT OUT OF JAIL AND HAS HAD SOME DRINKS, RP DRINKING TOO, CAN HEAR A FEMALE UPSET IN THE BACKGROUND -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13-O01900 Animal 01:02:56 02/27/13 SW HARRIER CIR RPTNG DOG BARKING. ONGOING HX. OWNERS ARE NOT HOME NOW. OCCURRING FOR ALMOST 2 HRS NOW. RP NOT REQ CONT.


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Comune di CAPRAIA E LIMITE (Provincia di Firenze) TITOLO I – PRINCIPI GENERALI Capo I – Generalità Art. 1 – Oggetto del Regolamento.Pag. 1 Art. 2 – Modificazioni e integrazioni .1 Art. 3 – Definizioni .2 Art. 4 – Classificazione rifiuti .4 Art. 5 – Rifiuti non soggetti alle norme del presente Regolamento .5 Art. 6 – Condizioni generali per l’esercizio del serv

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