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Meeting Minutes
Sufi Ruhaniat International Board of Trustees Meeting
February 24 & April 14 2010 Conference Calls

The Board of Trustees met via conference calls on February 24 & April 14 2010.
24-Feb-2010 Conference Call
BOT Members Attending: Pir Shabda Kahn, Abraham Sussman, Asha Greer, Basira Beardsworth, Hadi Joel
Williams, Tansen Phillip O'Donahoe. BOT Members Attending until 1:05 pm: Diana Lyon, Jammalluddin
Akhbar Ira Zunin, Katie Hamida Wiese. BOT Members Absent: Fazl Terry Peay, Samia Bloch, Yasmin
Germaine Haut. Others Attending: Munir Peter Reynolds, Farrunnissa Lila Rosa.
The meeting was convened via conference call at 12:02 pm ET with saying the Invocation together; Munir
1. Approval of Minutes: Meeting minutes from November 2009 were accepted as presented.
2. 2010 Budget: The 2010 budget was presented by Jammalluddin Akhbar, representing the Finance
committee comprised of himself, Basira, Fazl, and Samia, with Munir as facilitator. Jammalluddin Akhbar also noted he is serving his last 8 months as the Ruhaniat's Chief Financial Guide, and that Fazl has agreed to serve as the next CFG. Jammalluddin Akhbar reviewed proposed budget, highlighting different elements. The great news on the 2009 budget is that we saw a net profit of $5,597 when we predicted that there would be taking a $25K shortfall. 2010 is being presented as a balanced budget. A request was presented concerning continuing the across-the-board administrative tithe for all funds, or if the policy should be modified so that the administrative fee is based on the amount of money that runs through the funds and/or the amount of time it takes the treasurer to manage the funds. The Finance committee is requested to come back with a proposal for this. The Board unanimously approved a balanced budget for 2010, including Samia's stipend for serving Wali Ali, the SRI Esoteric School, and the Ruhaniat, to be offset by general donations. The Board agreed to review the budget mid-year to see if these or other targets need to be amended. 3. SRI Publications Fulfillment: The Board was gratified to note that Yahya Ali Nadler and Raphael Birney
at the Self & Soul Center in Oregon have agreed to take this over. Padme Kim Blackwolf, the office manager for Self & Soul, wants to start distributing the pubs via, once it is confirmed that we hold all the copyrights. The contract with Yahya Ali and Raphael is for 3 years, and this agreement will be reviewed in 3 years to see if any changes are needed. 4. Fundraising: As part of Pir Shabda's recruiting, Nur Ali Jeff Reid of Seattle has agreed to focus the
Fundraising committee. The Board notes how fortunate our family is to have Nur Ali driving this vital work that will fuel and revive a number of important SRI services. Nur Ali will consider optimal next steps and let us know what he needs from us going forward. Yasmin will continue serving on the Fundraising committee, and Hadi and Asha will join the committee. The Board briefly reviewed the Draft Visionary Goals for Fundraising document by Pir Shabda, noting three possible sources for funding: donations, bequests, and external funding such as grants. The Fundraising committee is challenged to explore and expand all three sources. Asha noted the important step of looking at youth activities for what is fundable by grants. See list below of current Ruhaniat officers, concentrations, and committees.
5. SRI / PeaceWorks Agreements: Munir as new Executive Director for PeaceWorks has received a list of
agreements that have been made over the years between PeaceWorks and the Ruhaniat, and will draft a new a new agreement this superseding all previous agreements. Current PW activity is underway supporting the Mentor Teachers Guild in creating new guidelines for Dance leader training, and working to ensure Dance leaders have support and communications world-wide. Also will be looking to raise money to support the Dances, and in that regard is considering a change to the long-standing policy that Ruhaniat donations are accepted in lieu of PeaceWorks donations for supervised Dance leaders wishing to be recommended by PeaceWorks.
6. Report on 2010 Urs Celebration: Pir Shabda reports that the Urs in Mother India was wonderful! He noted
that putting on an Urs in India is close to $10K, rather than the $5K that we were told to budget. Each participating Order has agreed to pay 25%, around $2500 each, to cover the costs. 7. Report on 2010 Federation Retreat: The Ruhaniat hosting of the Federation retreat is coming up in April.
They tried to create budget to be self-supporting, so Ruhaniat would not have a financial burden. Hopefully there will be some funds left over after all expenses are covered; a $500 income line item was included in the budget for that. See list below of upcoming Jamiats and Federation gatherings.
8. Board Member Recruitment: Pir Shabda reported a very successful recruiting effort, as we welcome
Katie Hamida Wiese and Hadi Joel Williams to the Board! We are very lucky to have these two talented energetic young people as part of the leadership team. Hamida is well qualified to step into Diana's shoes with the Youth Council and youth activities. Hadi has been a member of our community for more than a decade and is a lawyer. Their talents will be of great value to the Ruhaniat and to the greater spiritual family. See list below of current Board members and terms.
The Board noted that the other agenda items are basically informational and can be reviewed individually. The
meeting was adjourned at 1:30 PM ET with hearty thanks to all!
14-Apr-2010 Conference Call
BOT Members Attending: Pir Shabda Kahn, Asha Greer, Abraham Sussman, Basira Beardsworth, Hadi Joel
Williams, Tansen Phillip O'Donahoe, Diana Lyon, Samia Bloch, Yasmin Germaine Haut, Fazl Terry Peay.
BOT Members Attending until 1:30 pm ET: Diana Lyon. BOT Members Absent: Jammalluddin Akhbar Ira
Zunin, Katie Hamida Wiese. Others Attending: Munir Peter Reynolds, Farrunnissa Lila Rosa.
The meeting was convened via conference call at 1:05 pm ET with taking a deep breath and saying the
Invocation together; Munir facilitating.
9. Approval of Minutes: Meeting minutes from the February 2010 teleconference were accepted as

10. Report on 1st Quarter Budget vs. Actual: Basira noted that the donation letter didn't go out until
February, so there is a smallish number reported, but many more contributions came in during March and likely will continue to. Also, the line item for Esoteric Studies that is already over budget by $2, was to replenish the stock of The Ruhaniat Companion and Ziraat Reader publications; this should last for the rest of the year; however, it's possible she may need more of The Ruhaniat Companion this year, because she keeps getting lists of initiates from guides not previously reporting.
11. Khankah S.A.M. Financial Report: The Board is requested to review this informational report separately.

12. Board Member Terms: The Board notes this is Diana Lyon's last meeting as a Board member. We will
miss her so much! She has served on the Board for 6 years with presence, heart, and inspiration. She will be continuing to be part of the Youth Council and is invited to advise us on any topic that she wants! The Board thanks Diana for her six years of dedicated, inspired service on the Board. The Board is delighted to welcome Katie Hamida Wiese and Hadi Joel Williams to the Board, and expresses deep gratitude that Fazl has agreed to remain on the Board for a second term. * - Three members of the Board serve as contacts with PeaceWorks International to review minutes and stay current on goings-on. 13. Upcoming Jamiats and Federation Gatherings: The Jamiat Ahm is open to all Inayati mureeds and their
significant others, as well as to members of Dance circles. The Jamiat Khas is open to all Inayati mureeds who are teachers, or on the track to be teachers at the request of their guides and approval by the Pir; and to spouses by prior approval. Federation meetings are open to the invitees of each participating Inayati lineage; however, the Spring 2010 Federation retreat is open to all. Future dates and locations are: • 2010 Jamiat Ahm, Arcata CA: April 8 - 11; Taj Inayat, Wali Ali, and Pir Shabda will be the main • 2010 Federation Retreat, IONS Retreat Center, on the border of Sonoma and Marin Counties, CA: Apr 28 - May 2 (planned to be a camp, open to all). • 2010 Jamiat Khas, Mount Shepherd Retreat Center, Asheboro NC: Murshids' Council, Nov 7 - 10; Jamiat Khas, Nov 10 - 14; Board Meeting, Nov 14 - 15 (Sunday 2 - 6 PM and 7:30 - 9 PM, and Monday 9 - 12 noon); attendees will fly into the Greensboro-High Point International airport. • 2011 Jamiat Ahm, Harrisburg PA: May 5 - 8; Saadi and Pir Shabda will be the main teachers. • 2011 Federation Retreat, Holland: April 6 - 10; Sufi Contact will host with assistance from International • 2011 Jamiat Khas, Kansas City MO: Murshids' Council, Nov 6 - 9; Jamiat Khas, Nov 9 - 13; Board Meeting, Nov 13 - 14 (Sunday 2 - 6 PM and 7:30 - 9 PM, and Monday 9 - 12 noon). • 2012 Jamiat Khas: Dates and location tbd.
14. Ruhaniat Officers, Concentrations, and Committees:
Concentration Head(s)
Mariam Baker, Khadija Julia Goforth, Khabir Kitz Mariam Baker, Leilah Be, Khadija Julia Goforth, Asha Greer, Fatima Lassar, Kamae Amrapali Miller, Gita Sophia Onnen Function/Committee Member(s)/Representative(s)
Pir Shabda Kahn, Mariam Baker, Saul Barodofsky, Leilah Be, Saadi Shakur Douglas-Klotz, Khadija Julia Goforth, Asha Greer, Khabir Kitz, Fatima Lassar, Wali Ali Meyer, Kamae Amrapali Miller, Gita Sophia Onnen, Allaudin Ottinger Abraham Sussman, Saladin Pelfrey, Zubin Goldman Fazl Terry Peay, Munir Peter Reynolds, Jammalluddin Akhbar Ira Zunin, Basira Beardsworth, Samia Bloch Munir Peter Reynolds, Tansen Phillip O'Donohoe, Jammalluddin Akhbar Ira Zunin, Yasmin Germaine Haut Nur Ali Jeff Reid, Yasmin Germaine Haut, Hadi Joel Williams, Asha Greer Yasmin Germaine Haut, Diana Lyon (serves as Youth contact for website updates), Latifa Rosado, and Katie Hamida Wiese, with advisors Asha Greer and Pir Shabda Kahn Mariam Baker, Saadi Shakur Neil Douglas-Klotz, Azima Lila Forest, Khadija Julia Goforth, Najat Patricia Roberts Abdul Shaffee Howard Ballinger, Basira Beardsworth, Asha Greer, Yasmin Germaine Haut, Pir Shabda Kahn, Fatima Lassar Tansen Phillip O'Donohoe, Abraham Sussman Richard Cuadra, Quan Yin Lynne Williams, Mary Shaffea Bartley Saul Barodofsky, Basheera Zorn, Amrita Skye Blaine, Boudewijn Boom, Saadi Shakur Neil Douglas-Klotz, Pir Shabda Kahn, Wali Ali Meyer, Munir Peter Reynolds The meeting was adjourned at 2:11 pm ET with much love and many thanks to all! Respectfully submitted, Farrunnissa Lila Rosa Recording Secretary


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